Turkish citizenship granting

you may have considered getting the Turkish citizenship and become a Turkish citizen by now and thinking about the ways to get it. 

What are the possible ways to get the Turkish citizenship? 

First of all, there are some conditions to apply for the Turkish citizenship like: being and adult and have a legal access to Turkey with legal documents you should also have a good mental health and a clean criminal record of course. 

If you meet all of these conditions you are able to apply for the citizenship if: 

 you have been living in Turkey for five years in a raw with a legal access. 

You’ve been married to the Turkish citizen you can get it in three years. 

Lately the Turkish government has obliged a lot of laws that Facilite getting the Turkish citizenship for foreign investors who are interested in the real estate market, in order to encourage the real estate investment in Turkey and also to improve the condition of work in Turkey for Turkish citizens and foreign as well, and also to decrease the unemployment rates in Turkey 

The most important law was the one that was approved in September 2018 and which states new easier conditions for foreign investors to get the Turkish citizenship by buying a property in Turkey: 

To buy a property in Turkey that worth 250 thousand USD at least and don’t sell it until three years passes from the purchasing date. 

A stable investment with that worth's 500 USD or more 

If you are willing to have an investment project in turkey 50% of its working hands or employees should be Turkish citizens  

The deposit requirement in the Turkish banks was decreased from 3 million USD to 500 thousand USD 

How strong is the Turkish passport and how many countries don’t require a visa to inter it?


The Turkish passport is at the 38 rank of the world's strongest passports and it gives you a visa free access to more than 80 countries and a visa on arrival for more than 40 countries. 

What’s worth mentioning as well the fact that Turkish citizens will be soon able to inter all the European union’s countries without a visa as a part of an agreement between the Turkish state and the European union.