Taksim- Istanbul

Taksim Square is the center of the old city of Istanbul and is adjacent to Istiklal Street is the most attractive areas for tourists from different regions of the world. 

The name of Taksim Square comes from the Ottoman period where drinking water was distributed throughout the city from it. 

It is bordered by Karakoy, Pera, Harbiye and Besiktas, the oldest neighborhoods of the city. At the end of Istiklal Street is the famous Galata Tower, where cafes and restaurants are nearby. 

Istiklal Street also has the most important restaurants of Turkish cuisine and the most famous and the headquarters of the oldest makers of baklava and Turkish sweets. 

There are also many international clothing brands, Demiroren Mall and restaurants for kitchens from different parts of the world.

In Taksim Square there is the most important meeting and transportation center in the city, which includes several subway lines and a bus station in addition to taxi stops.  

There are a number of international five-star hotels such as the Intercontinental Hotel and Hilton Hotel. 

Taksim properties and lifestyle are suitable for the lovers of city life full of fun and adventure, where old houses are spread along with high-end residential complexes with modern designs and property prices are high because of the importance of this tourist and historical site alike. 

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