Reception and real estate tours

We make sure to escort our customers during the whole journey starting with the reception in the airport and until the purchase process is done, giving the customers all what it requires for them to stay comfortable and amused during the trip.



We welcome our customers at the airport as soon as they arrive and then deliver them to their place of residence in case, they are ready. We also help them choose the right hotel or accommodation for them. 

Tour on our projects: 

First, we welcome clients in our office and present our projects to them and give them a broad idea about them and their options. 

Then we accompany the client with a general tour of all projects in the place or city of his choice and in proportion to his aspirations and desires. 


At the end of the real estate tour or flight we deliver customers to the airport on the specified departure day. 

At the airport, all of their departure procedures are handled by one of our staff, who accompanies the customer until boarding.