Yildiz Park in Besiktas...home of nature beauty:

Istanbul in Turkey is distinguished by its rich forests and wide green areas that extend along the city, especially on the Bosporus coast

This distinctive natural characteristic of the city made the Bosporus Strait area a center for the rule of all the empires that ruled over it, the last and most important of which was the Ottoman Empire, which left many valuable historical relics in the Bosporus area including palaces, museums, parks and gardens.

There are several important public parks in Istanbul, and all of them are considered of the most beautiful tourist places in Turkey in general, and not only in the city of Istanbul. Among these parks we mention Yildiz Park in Besiktas.

Yildiz Park:

Yildiz Park is located on the coast of the Bosporus Strait in the European section of Istanbul in the Besiktas region near the famous Dolmabahçe Palace and Atakoy Mosque

It can be reached from Taksim Square by riding the 40T bus and then the 42T bus and then you can walk to the park

Yildiz Park can also be reached by riding on the minibus called Beşiktaş - Taksim.

The history of Yildiz Park in Besiktas Istanbul dates back to the era of the Ottoman rule and specifically the era of Sultan Abdul Majid II where the latter issued a decision to establish a great palace surrounded by vast areas of green lands and wonderful and rare trees and waterways and fountains in a beautiful and luxurious body so that this palace represents the Turkish state when hosting Its guests of foreign rulers and diplomats in the palace and holding official celebrations and various national events in its vicinity.

With the passage of time, the Yildiz Park in Istanbul was restored and developed, and today it includes various plant species from different parts of the world and it was transformed into one of the tourist places in Istanbul, which is open to the public, to enjoy an opportunity to get away from the hustle of life today and relax in the embrace of nature.

In Yildiz Park in Istanbul there are more than 100 different types of plants and trees, the most famous of which are pine, rice, Chinese canopy, fir, American kernel and raspberry as some of them date back to the Ottoman era in addition to the presence of artificial rivers and a lake in which kinds of fish and ducks swim and in which visitors can feed and enjoy seeing this wonderful scene Amidst the picturesque nature.

Tourists go to Yildiz Park in Istanbul in order to relax and stroll with family or friends, as it has many places designated for sitting in addition to free sports equipment and places for walking or cycling as well as free games and spaces for children to play

Finally, the garden is also famous for the presence of the elegant palace restaurant inside it, which is located at the top of the hill on which the Yildiz Garden is located in Besiktas and it specializes in providing traditional Turkish dishes and other meals and other drinks and provides a distinct view of the Bosporus and the garden at the same time so that visitors can enjoy watching the beauty of the clear blue water of the strait Besides green trees and colorful flowers in the garden.

It is worth noting that the Yildiz Park in Besiktas in Istanbul opens its doors to visitors and tourists throughout the day and every day of the week

As all of Istanbul gardens Yildiz park is decorated with beautiful colored tulips during what is known as the Istanbul Tulip Festival, which takes place in April of each year and continues throughout the month.

There is also near the Yildiz Park the famous Ortarkoy coast, where the Ortakoy Mosque is located on the coast of the Bosporus Strait, which is one of the favorite destinations for tourists in Istanbul, to enjoy the scenery of the waters of the strait and eat the famous Turkish kumpir meal.

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