Yildiz Palace in Istanbul ... the headquarters of the Turkish presidency:

Being the present of the three great empires that ruled over the region and its capital, today the Turkish city of Istanbul possesses all the historical treasures and relics that belong to the most important civilizations that have ruled the world for hundreds of years which are Byzantine, Roman and the last of them the Ottoman Empire, which granted the entire country and the city of Istanbul in particular of its identity, properties, features and landmarks that still standing to this day.

Among the most important historical monuments left by the Ottoman Empire to Istanbul are the luxurious royal palaces spread across the European and Asian shores of the Bosporus

Among the most important of these Ottoman palaces is the Yildiz Palace, the seat of the Turkish presidency today.

History of Yildiz Palace in Istanbul:

The first to make it the seat of government was Sultan Abdul Hamid II in the nineteenth century, in the year 1853 AD, where Sultan Abdul Hamid took it as the seat of his rule after he ordered the restoration and expansion of it, instead of the palace of the Dolmabahçe, which was the main seat of government for the sultans who preceded it

As for the construction of the Yildiz Palace in Istanbul, it is believed that it dates back to the eighteenth century in 1790 AD specifically, where it is believed that the Ottoman Sultan Selim III ordered the construction of the Yildiz Palace as a gift to his mother, Sultan Mehri Shah

Sultan Abdul Hamid expanded the palace twice once when he took it as his headquarters at the beginning of his assumption of the rule and the second time upon welcoming the German Kaiser William II.

The Yildiz Palace is considered the last palace of the Ottoman Sultans, and the fourth Ottoman palace in Istanbul that was built after the Ottomans entered the city.

Yildiz Palace remained the royal palace until the establishment of the Turkish Republic, where he transferred the headquarters of the President to Dolmabahçe Palace, but today it returned to be the headquarter of the President of the Republic after the Turkish government led by Recep Tayyip Erdogan restored it and made it the official headquarters and an official palace to welcome the guests of the Turkish state from important figures in the world, and for that Yildiz palace is considered now one of the most important tourist destinations in Istanbul.

Sections of Yildiz Palace in Istanbul:

Yildiz Palace in Istanbul is a very beautiful forest that extends over an area of 500 thousand square meters, between the Ortakoy and Besiktas regions in Istanbul.

And this forest was called by the name of Kazincioglu as this forest is characterized by the various trees brought from all over the world, as well as various types of beautiful and rare flowers,

The first building of Yildiz Palace in Istanbul was built during the reign of Sultan Selim III which was called the Yildiz kiosk, and the word kiosk in the Ottoman language means a building surrounded by high walls and this palace consisted of three buildings attached to each other,

And when Sultan Abdul Hamid II came, he expanded the kiosk to a wider palace by adding many halls and wings to fit the governor of the palace and its visitors during that period, as the garden surrounding this palace was known as Yildiz Garden, and the palace retained its name as the Sultan who ordered its construction to this day.

Yildiz Palace in Istanbul today consists of a large number of suites and rooms for the ruling class of the Sultan and princes and princesses, and special rooms for servants and a number of gardens, stables and horses.

The most important and most beautiful of these sections are the luxurious ballroom, which’s roofs are decorated with bright golden panels, and its floors are carpeted, consisting of one piece, with an area of 406 square meters.

This hall was used during the reign of Sultan Abdul Hamid II, to receive guests on holidays for the purpose of greeting, while the dining hall is known as the "psoriasis hall", because of the doors transferred to it from the Ciragan Palace, and it is covered with seashells, that was made in the Yildiz Palace workshop, by order From Sultan Abdul Hamid II.

European style and taste dominate the palace furnishings in addition to the Ottoman taste, which is considered one of the striking factors in the decor of Yildiz Palace, including large fireplaces, luxurious decorated chairs, and huge tables with solid wood, in addition to the aesthetic of their furniture and lighting.

As for the outer part of the palace, it contains a large and well-protected garden, which is a very beautiful forest located on a wide area, which overlooks the Bosporus.

Yildiz Palace location in Istanbul and how to get there:

Yildiz Palace is located within Yildiz Park in the Besiktas area overlooking the Bosporus in the European section of Istanbul

The palace can be reached by metro from Sultanahmet towards the Kabatas station,

Or by one of the following buses: 58UL- 43R- 58N- 27E.

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