Types of Title deeds in Turkey and its difference from the real estate easement:

The demand for the Turkish real estate market increases every year more than its predecessor, and foreign and local investors are rushing to own properties and apartments in Turkey of all kinds in order to obtain a successful and guaranteed investment.

On the other hand, Turkey attracts those looking for better opportunities and stability from different countries to live in it permanently, and thus has property in one of the Turkish cities.

At the top of the list is the purchase of apartments in Istanbul by foreigners, as the city is the most famous, and the largest and richest of opportunities.

Therefore, and for the sake of a safe, secure, and problem-free property purchase process, we will get to know the most important documents necessary for owning a property in Turkey, namely property title deed and its types:

What is the title deed?

The title deed in Turkey is a document that proves the return of ownership of the property to the new owner, who is the buyer and has several types that differ in general according to the specifications and features of the property and the land on which the project will be built, namely:

Full title deed

It is the official document that establishes the property owner’s ownership of this property formally and legally. In this case, the property is ready for housing, i.e. the construction and finishing operations in it have ended,

and the full title deed differs from other bonds with the information and details mentioned on the bond itself, so all the details are mentioned in the full title deed such as the construction site, its area, and the building sections, such as the number of apartments in it, its location from the building, and its share of the land.

It is obtained after obtaining the housing approval by the municipality and is fully legal.

It is worth noting in this context that the disclosure of the real estate registry of the apartment before purchase is very important in order to know whether the property is subject to restrictions such as attachment or mortgage, and the Real Estate Registry Department must be reviewed for disclosure and inquiries because the restrictions are not mentioned if they exist in the title deed.

Real estate easement

This bond is granted when purchasing a property in Turkey in a project that is still under construction, that is, the construction process has not yet ended and the property easement document is mentioned in the property document and is given to the buyer after completing the approval processes, and the project is divided into sections (the number of apartments within the construction) and is organized for each apartment with a special bond showing the location, area of the apartment and private information in it.

And the type of property is included in such bonds (building land) due to the lack of completion of construction work. Upon completion of the construction work, the title deed will be then given to the owner.

Construction deed

This type of title deed in Turkey is intended to mention the main real estate details and information without mentioning other building divisions such as independent divisions, garden, warehouses, etc. where the bond is issued as a single unit that is not divided.

Housing deed

It is a permit from the municipality of the region to which the project in which the property is located belongs and it is granted to buildings that have been built according to specific criteria for example (the building must have emergency exits and earthquake-resistant).

It is important when buying an apartment in Turkey to obtain a housing bond in order to ensure your right as a landlord in the building.

The housing deed with the property contract is a strong guarantee that the owner of the apartment in the building owns the plot of land that has the same area as his apartment, regardless of the number of floors of the building.

Floor title deed and easement

It is proof that the buyer owns a certain floor of the building, as, according to Turkish law, financial penalties are imposed on property owners who did not register the property and obtain a title to the floor property,

As for the easement floor, it is extracted in order to give it to the construction contractor to start the project, as it needs the necessary funding. This bond determines the owner of the property or its owners, and the share of all owners of the property,

This bond is the stage that everyone must pass before obtaining the full title deed.

And most of the information about the property is mentioned in this floor support document, such as its area, location, owner's name and the property sections, and it is registered with the Real Estate Registry Department.

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