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In light of the political difficulties and the regional and internal problems that Turkey is witnessing, the Turkish economy remains somewhat stable through the intensive efforts of the Turkish government in achieving qualitative leaps on various economic levels, so we see that the Turkish real estate market is witnessing a great demand, whether by investors or people who want to buy apartments in Turkey, from different countries of the world,

In addition to this, and on another sector, which is the industry sector in Turkey, we have witnessed, in the last few years, a boom in the field of Turkish industry in the heavy and not only light industries.

The most important evidence for this is that from a short time the first Turkish-made electric car was completely revealed and bears the name TOGG and it is manufactured with pure Turkish technologies, and it will enter service and go on the streets of Turkey within three years.

And a car manufacturing plant is to be established in the western Turkish province of Bursa by the car manufacturers, and the investment period will be 13 years.

This investment will provide jobs for 4,323 people, including 300 who are qualified, to produce 175,000 domestic cars annually from 5 different types.

But what do we know about industry in Turkey in general? Let's dive deeper into this topic in this article.

Industry in Turkey:

In the first place in terms of exporting and Turkish economy, comes traditional agriculture, and modern industry, where agriculture constitutes about 30% of the country's employment

The workforce in the industry constitutes 26.2%, and the industrial contribution to the country's GDP is estimated at 27.7%, while the agricultural contribution reaches 8.1%, and the service sector contributes to 64.2%.

The main industries in Turkey depend on agricultural production and their industries as well as the textiles, food industries, the auto industry, electronics, and mining that relies on coal, chromate, copper, boron, steel industry, petroleum, construction work, timber, and paper,

In addition to chemicals, shoes, and the garment industry.

And do not forget about tourism in Turkey, which is a basic pillar of the Turkish economy as a whole.

Turkey ranks twenty-eighth among the countries exporting to the rest of the world with exports amounting to 153.6 billion dollars. Among the most important Turkish exports are cars, auto parts, iron ore bars, delivery trucks, jewelry, clothing, food, and textiles.

The most important sectors of the industry in Turkey:

In general, factories in Turkey are distributed in large areas in Istanbul, the region surrounding the Marmara Sea, the Aegean coast around Izmir, Adana Basin, and the region around Ankara, and these factories contribute to a high percentage of the country's total production, and among the most important industries in Turkey we mention

The auto industry: The country owns many large companies that manufacture vehicles in general, such as BMC, Autocar and Timsa companies, and during 2008, Turkey produced more than 1.225 million cars, thus ranking fifth in the world, and most car manufacturers are located in the Marmara region.

Multiple Units Industry: Turkish companies produce many different units such as trains and wagons, and the most prominent of these companies are TÜVASAŞ, TÜLOMSAŞ and EUROTEM.

Shipbuilding: Turkey is one of the leading countries in shipbuilding in the world. It ranked fourth in the world in 2007 after China, South Korea, and Japan. The country is characterized by the manufacture of mega yachts.

Defense Mechanisms: The country owns two factories of modern weapons factories. The country’s exports in 2014 as a result of selling weapons amounted to 1.6 billion US dollars. These factories manufacture F-16 warplanes and many different firearms.

Iron and steel industry: Turkey ranked eighth on the list of countries in steel production, and during the year 2013 the total steel production was 29 million tons, and crude steel production in Turkey reached a record 34.1 million tons in 2011.

Science and Technology: TÜBİTAK is the leading agency in the field of science and technology development and innovation policy in Turkey, the country contains many other companies that have written books promoting scientific activities, and TAEK, the official nuclear energy institution in Turkey that focuses its goals on academic research.

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