This is how real estate investment in Turkey turns you into a billionaire!

“The apartment has turned into a building and the building into two, and buildings into a residential complex.”

It is a short story for a person who bought an apartment in a "developing" area in Turkish Istanbul seven years ago to later become one of the most important foreign investors in the country with a capital equivalent to $ 10 million, what is his magic mix and how he managed to turn into a difficult number in the Turkish real estate market in a circumstance Brief?

What the foreign investor did in Turkey is not strange for any investor who thinks logically in the development of his wealth, he chose the right and short way to "invest money in real estate" the best and most secure asset to keep money from inflation factors compared to other investment methods such as gold trading or The stock market, as many rich people in the world choose real estate investment, given that the property remains present in the event of any decline or losses, but rather they get from it on a fixed monthly or annual return, in addition to the value of the property in all countries of the world increasing with the passage of time, so what if it is The invested country is Turkey In recent years, there has been a steady growth and a great demand for buying real estate in all of its cities, especially Istanbul and Antalya.

Real estate investment is suitable for beginners as it does not require much experience, and it includes many ways proposed by "BEIN Turkey" for those who want to own properties in Turkey in order to develop their wealth and double the capital, as follows:

Land investment:

Many clients with whom the BEIN Turkey consultants communicate with daily want to buy a plot of land in the most profitable areas, which we encourage as a specialized and expert team in the real estate market in Turkey, where all the experiences of investors through us confirm that they are very satisfied with the results achieved with regard to investment In lands of various types, construction and agricultural, and this process relies on buying a plot of land in a location that has geographical advantages and profitable services and waiting a little for its value to rise, to be sold later in multiples, and it is also possible to use the plots purchased in the leasing process that has to ensure a stable income for the investor to recover his capital in a few years.

Building properties for sale:

The investor’s orientation towards building prefabricated housing of different types, whether houses, villas, apartments, buildings, commercial stores, etc. It is a very correct option, as it guarantees certain profits, as the investor builds residential units in developing areas near vital projects and is provided with infrastructure and after completion of construction He displays it for sale separately or in full and he will notice the great demand for it, given that many people who want to buy properties in Turkey prefer to buy prefab newly constructed housing without any prior use of it.

Investment by building properties in order to sell it depends largely on the abundance of capital and its abundance, whether with the investor himself or through his partners if more than one person contributes to the investment project.

Building properties for renting:

Many investors construct modern residential complexes or commercial buildings "like malls" and when ready they prefer to keep their ownership in exchange for exploitation by renting them, and here they draw a profit plan to ensure a fixed monthly income with ownership.

The commercial properties through leasing is considered one of the most common methods due to its ease and the continuous obtaining of money through it for a long time.

Buying a property for sale or lease:

Some investors prefer to buy properties in areas that provide good or qualified services for development within a short period in view of the strategic projects surrounding them, and the purchase of these properties is not for the purpose of owning them but for renting or reselling them again to benefit from the profitable increase in their price thanks to the time factor i.e. after the passage of a certain period of time.

This type of investment requires seizing the opportunity to purchase a property at the lowest prices in order to increase the volume of profits after selling it, whether in a short period or after a significant period of time or by leasing it, and here are many options of renting, "monthly tourist, annual rent or seasonal rent".

Buying and repairing the property for the purpose of selling or renting

This method of investment does not differ from the first method except in the fact that the investor who bought a property in Turkey will pay additional money after purchasing an apartment in Istanbul, for example, in order to improve its shape and decoration to become better and thus rent or sell it at a high price later in order to earn more money.

Many investors who buy properties in Turkey in order to offer it for rent or sale focus on adding inscriptions to it or installing new ceramics and changing doors and windows as well as setting modern touches in the design of the kitchen and bathroom, in addition to providing them with furniture to become furnished and more beautiful, and this conversation also applies to any another type of property, taking into account the nature of use and the requirements of exploitation.

Rent and then lease the property

The idea is mainly based on an initial rental of the property, whatever its type, with some improvements being made to it, for example, in furniture, decor and paint, and displaying it again on rent in whole or in full at a higher price, but subject to prior notification and permission from the property owner.

Real estate investment profits differ according to the plan set by the investor for his project and the extent of his patience to embody it in the reality of "a quick, permanent, medium-term, long-term profit".

As each investor qualifies to become a billionaire and a major actor in the major sales and purchase deals in the Turkish real estate market, which attracts thousands of investors annually due to the improvement of the investment climate for foreigners and the benefits provided by the Turkish government, with every update of the legal texts concerning foreigners.

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