The Turkish bath of Cemberlitas in Istanbul

It is known that tourism in Turkey is not limited to one of the seasons of the year, as each of the seasons has its own distinct rituals and tourist places, especially in the different Turkish cities.

At this time of the year in the snow and low heat season, spending a vacation in one of the Turkish cities has another taste no less than magic and pleasure, which can be spent in the summer in one of the beautiful beaches of Turkey.

And the city of Istanbul in particular is one of the most important Turkish destinations in the winter, especially at the time of New Year's celebrations, and there are many places that you can go to and spend fun and special times in it

Among the most prominent of these places are the traditional Turkish baths, as there are in Turkey more than 14 thousand Turkish baths, and most of them are located in the cities of Istanbul and Bursa. The beauty of these baths is not only in rest and relaxation, but also in their wonderful designs that take you back to the era of the Ottoman Sultans.

One of the most important Turkish baths in Istanbul is the famous Cemberlitas Turkish bath.

Cemberlitas Turkish bath location and how to get there:

Cemberlitas Bath is located close to the well-known Sultanahmet Square in the neighborhood of the same name, on Vezirhan Street specifically

You can reach this Turkish bath by going to the Sultanahmet area, whether from Taksim Square, by bus or metro to the Kabatas area, and then taking the tramway to Sultanahmet

Cemberlitas bath opens its doors for visitors from six in the morning until midnight and entry prices vary according to the services provided.

The history of the Cemberlitas Turkish bath in Istanbul:

The Cemberlitas bath dates back to the sixteenth century in 1584 AD at the hands of the most famous Ottoman architect Mimar Sinan, as this bath is one of the most important and prominent works

The construction of Cemberlitas bath, was ordered by the wife of Sultan Selim II, and the mother of Sultan Murad III.

The purpose of this Bath was to be a source of income for the Ateeq mother complex in the Tobasi area of Uskudar.

The Cemberlitas Bath was designed as a double bathroom consisting of two identical facilities, one for men and the other for women, and the main bathroom entrance is located in Vezirhan Street, and because the height of the road has increased over time, now the entrance is deep ten degrees below the street level, and at the head of the entrance door there is an inscription Six lines in three columns.

The Cemberlitas bath sections and the services it provides to its visitors:

The Cemberlitas Turkish bath is considered one of the most important Turkish baths in Istanbul and is designed with an ancient Ottoman character full of historical decorations,

The most important characteristic of the architectural design of this bath, which shows the extent of Sinan's genius, is that the exterior shape of the bath appears as a square, while from the inside it appears polygon with 12 columns

Cemberlitas Turkish bath offers many services and options, where you can enjoy self-service or traditional service, according to the visitor's personal desire and preference

Where there are various massage services and it is at an additional fee,

The female spa provides beauty care services such as pedicure and manicure and face masks,

The bath also provides a bathroom for the bride, who needs equipment and advance reservation, and has an open-air buffet serving light meals

The Cemberlitas Bath also includes a store selling premium souvenirs and traditional Turkish bath amenities.

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