The Spice Bazaar in Istanbul... The Egyptian market:

Istanbul in Turkey is famous for its richness in various tourist places, as it satisfies all tastes and preferences, meaning that whatever you love and search for, you must find it in this Turkish city

As it contains recreational places, historical monuments, scientific monuments, modern and advanced medical centers and mega projects that attract investment to the country in a large way, especially investment in Istanbul real estate, where the Turkish real estate market in general is considered one of the most active and strongest markets in the entire world.

Among the most important tourist destinations in Istanbul are its markets, especially the popular and historical ones, such as the closed market or the Grand Bazaar.

Among the most important closed markets in Istanbul also there is the Egyptian market or the Spice market.

About the Spice market in Istanbul:

The Spice market is located in Istanbul in the Eminonu port area adjacent to Sultan Ahmed Square on the Gulf of the Golden Horn in the European section of the Turkish city of Istanbul, which is adjacent to what is known as the new mosque and its location is considered one of the most important destinations that foreign tourists prefer when they come to the city

You can get to the Egyptian market Istanbul from Taksim Square by riding the F1 Metro station to the Kabatas station, then ride on the T1 tramway and get off at the Eminonu station and walk 10 minutes to reach the market.

Sections of the Spice market in Istanbul:

The Spice market or the Egyptian bazaar in Istanbul includes 88 sections covered with domes, 21 of which are dedicated to selling gold and copper, 10 for gifts and luxuries, 4 for clothing, and the rest for spices, herbs, nuts, cheese, sausages, dried fruits, jam and seeds,

You can enter the market through one of its six entrances distributed on its outskirts, and the entrance which opposite the new mosque is a main entrance for it, as the market is distributed from the inside in the form of an L-letter and includes about 140 varied stores

There is in the Spice market what is known as the parallel market, where when the this market closes its doors in the evening, itinerant sellers bring their goods to the back of the mosque, which is similar to the Spice market products, but its prices are low and reach half of the prices of the original market.

When entering the Spice market in Istanbul, the smells of spices and aromatic herbs will attract you, and you will see in front of you an integrated market of shops that specialize in spices, herbs, sweets, clothing and nuts in addition to many gold stores

It has also been added to it many shops that display precious gifts such as fabrics, glass and antiques decorated with a magnificent Ottoman painting

At the end of the market there are a number of cafes and restaurants that offer dishes from the Ottoman cuisine and shops selling famous Turkish sweets.

History of the Spice market in Istanbul:

The Egyptian market in Istanbul is also known as the spice market or the perfume market, due to its merchandise that varies between spices, herbs, etc. It is one of the most important tourist places in Istanbul and its construction dates back to the era of Sultan Murat III

Where the market was built in 1664, as part of the new mosque, where the primary goal of its construction was to provide the funds necessary for the maintenance of this mosque, at first the market was called the new bazaar but later adopted the name Egyptian bazaar due to the import of coffee and spices from India and Southeast Asia To Egypt and from there to Istanbul via the Mediterranean Sea.

Then, in 1947, the modern Turkish government made amendments to it, adding some basic foodstuffs, due to the economic crisis that the country experienced after the Second World War.

For a long time, the market only specialized in selling spices and herbal medicines

The Egyptian market is considered one of the most popular markets in Istanbul and the second largest after the Grand Bazaar

The Egyptian market in Istanbul attracts large numbers of foreign and domestic tourists, due to its wide reputation and determination that mixes the heritage of the Ottoman Empire and the authenticity of the East. It is mentioned that the market was one of the most important commercial centers specialized in spices in Turkey in general

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