The Maiden’s Tower in Istanbul ... the lighthouse of legends

Istanbul is one of the most important tourist destinations in Turkey and is the biggest attraction for tourism and tourists

It has also recently become a headquarters for work, trade and investment, as businessmen go to establish their projects in various fields, because this city has a strong base for investment, in addition to this, and with the migration movement towards Turkey from several neighboring countries, Istanbul was the first destination for most of those wishing to settle in Turkey and therefore, the city has grown significantly in a specific market, which is the Istanbul real estate market, as demand for apartments in Istanbul has increased due to the increased influx into the city.

Returning to the issue of tourism, Istanbul has a large number of the most important tourist places in Turkey, the most important of which is the Maiden's tower located in the waters of the Bosporus, but what is the story of this tower and how it was built?

The story of the Maiden's Tower in Istanbul:

The exact date and how the Maiden's Tower was built is unknown, and so there are many stories and legends about the truth and reasons for its construction

One of the stories tells that a king had a daughter and he loved her very much, and one day he saw in his dream that his daughter would be bitten by a snake and would die when she reaches the age of 18

As soon as he woke up, he removed his daughter from land to protect her, as he buried part of the Bosporus strait, and constructed a tower in the middle of the strait, to protect her from any snake.

But fate is inevitable. After the years have passed, and on the 18th birthday of the girl, she received a gift consisting of a basket filled with fruits, in which a snake was hidden, and it stung the girl and killed her.

There is another method about this tower also, and its content is that the island was used as a temple for monks cut off for worship. By building a small and humble place, and a girl called Hiro lived in it, and on one of her tours outside the island she met the young Leandor and fell in love with him from the first sight, and because love was forbidden by Hiro in her devotion, they met secretly at every opportunity where Leandor traveled the distance swimming To meet Hiro on her little island, on one rainy night he insisted on swimming towards the island, and was washed away, and died on his way to his beloved. She did not wait so long after his death, and she committed suicide.

There are other stories about the island about the Maiden’s Tower is located in Istanbul. Some say that the island was formed by natural factors, while others say it is man-made.

About the Maiden’s Tower in Istanbul:

The tower remained abandoned for a long time until the year 1110 AD where it was then used as a port for ships coming from the Black Sea.

Then it was repaired to be used as a beacon until 1829 and in 1832 it was restored by Sultan Mahmoud II as solid support around it was added as a precaution against earthquakes, and at the beginning of the current century a very luxurious restaurant was opened on the first floor of it and a cafe in the above with a charming view of Istanbul The Bosporus.

The Maiden’s Tower consists of six floors, which have an octagon shape and a dome built for it to protect from earthquakes and its height is about 23 m.

The location of the Maiden’s Tower in Istanbul:

It is located in the Bosporus Strait, near its Asian bank precisely, and it corresponds to the Salacak region that belongs to the Uskudar area.

It can be reached:

From Uskudar, from the area opposite the tower, by the small boats that reach it

From Taksim Square by riding on the F1 subway, getting off at the Kabatas station, and riding from there on a cruise that takes you to the tower.

It can also be visited by ships departing from the Eminonu port

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