The best types of real estate investment in Turkey ... Learn about it

The reasons that drive people to own property in Turkey vary, as some people search for stability permanently, so they want to buy an apartment in Turkey

Others want a place to stay when he comes for tourism in Turkey with family and friends, and these prefer to buy villas in Turkey, especially on the sea or in important tourist places in it

The last type remains and they are the investors who want to enter the Turkish real estate market and buy property in it, in order to finally obtain a successful, profitable and guaranteed investment.

This article is especially important for this last type, as the foreign investor in particular wants to be aware and know all the options available to him in order to finally obtain the best and most successful investment that is appropriate to his budget and agrees with his aspirations.

In the beginning it is useful to get acquainted with the types of properties in Turkey in general, then go into the details of the type or types that are better for real estate investment.

Types of properties in Turkey:

Residential property: apartments, villas, palaces, chalets

Industrial property: factories and warehouses

Commercial property: administrative buildings, commercial centers or small commercial stores

Agricultural property: farms and orchards

property for other private purposes: government lands, mosques, temples, hospitals and schools.

Now that we know the types of properties, we will go into details of the best types of properties to invest in Turkey:

Knowing the best types of properties is not enough for a successful investment. Rather, it must be known why it is

Apartments, office and commercial properties

These properties are considered to be a quick profit investment, preferably either in the city center or in developing regions that witness a number of infrastructure projects, taking into account the presence of public utilities and the proximity of this apartment to transportation and service areas, which will make the period of selling and achieving profit faster. This type of investment is effective after the great profit achieved recently, and the profit rate may reach approximately 10% when selling the apartment, as well as the human need for housing makes the purchase of apartments a form of rapid profit,

Office real estate also has a great ability to achieve profit due to the increasing number of companies in Turkey and the need of all private companies for offices. Therefore, it is advised to buy an office in one of the buildings and administrative gatherings and to rent or sell it, and commercial real estate is a guaranteed option to achieve quick profit as well, so opening a store is no longer limited to Popular markets where commercial centers have become a destination for everyone, so it is advised to own a commercial property, such as buying or selling a medium or small store.

These properties are also considered permanent investment, as leasing is considered a guarantee of continuous profit, as many people turn to rent residential apartments either to secure residence during the study residence period or to spend tourist holidays especially since Turkey is a tourist country with distinction and this type of apartment is spread in large commercial cities Like Istanbul

Land suitable for construction and apartments in projects still under construction:

It is considered a medium-term investment as this type of investment is known to achieve higher profit ratios than quick profit investments,

Also, the purchase of apartments under construction in one of the residential towers after a thorough study of this building and guessing the expected profit rate from it. The profit rate usually ranges from such investments in Turkey to 30%.

Purchase of agricultural lands in Turkey

This type is a long-term investment, but it requires a deep study and long experience in the real estate field, we must take into account the ability of this land to enter into the real estate organization, and that this land should not be more than 12-14 km away from the city center, because the cities are A year that expands this amount every 10 years, which will double the price of this land if it enters the construction area, and construction in it after entering the construction area will guarantee you fictional profits.

Other types of investment in Turkey real estate:

Participatory investment:

It is by buying shares in reliable and active real estate companies or entering into partnership contracts with a number of them to ensure greater profit and benefit, which guarantees benefit to all in the event of profit, and a reduced loss for everyone in the event of loss, taking into account the reputation of these companies and the quality of the market in which they are active, or sharing with someone in buying a villa or house in the event of searching for a quick profit and not having enough capital

Indirect investment:

This type of real estate investment is based on the economic and demographic studies of the real estate market in Turkey, and experts consider that these studies are the first building block for any successful investment, so the investor must be familiar with the economic situation in which the country in which he wants to invest lives, in terms of currency stability and the impact of prices properties with inflation, and knowing the amount of investor turnout to these countries, as experts emphasize the need to see the civil status of the population in terms of the number of births and income and knowing the mentality of people in these countries

There is also a great importance for the property site, so we emphasize the importance of choosing the desired cities and areas for people, such as developing regions, city centers, capitals, and tourist cities. Experts also stress the need for infrastructure in the property area, including public facilities, gardens, mosques, schools, hospitals and health centers, and transportation is one of the most important factors that contribute to raising the value of the property and making the deal profitable.

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