The best places to live and own a property in Istanbul:

In one of the most beautiful parts of the world, the eastern point of contact with the West lies the city of Istanbul, where the strangest mixture of different civilizations and cultures that would not have met without the existence of this city on the most important strait in the world which is the Bosporus Strait that connects Asia and Europe.

The distinguished location of Istanbul and the charming public climate that it enjoys in addition to its richness in the most beautiful tourist places in Turkey and the charming nature, made it the first destination for tourists from various countries and the tourism center in Turkey in all its forms, so you see that its people come to various motivations,

You will find some people thinking of spending a special holiday and staying in one of the luxury hotels in Istanbul, while others want to settle in, whether for the purpose of relaxing and hiking, work or real estate investment.

The city of Istanbul consists of two parts, European and Asian, which is a very large city and its regions are separated by long distances, so the availability of means of transportation in the region is the first thing that must be taken into account for the searcher for properties in Istanbul.

There are certain areas in Istanbul that seem to be the best places for living unanimously by many residents and visitors alike:

Fatih district:

It is one of the most crowded and attractive areas for tourists and foreigners who want to live and own property in Istanbul, Turkey, for several reasons, the most important of which are:

  • Its central location to the European section of Istanbul overlooking the Marmara Sea

  • It is a focal point for the foreign communities, so the foreign shops and restaurants abound

  • Fatih contains many important tourist areas, including: Sultan Ahmet, Fatih Mosque and historical Ottoman markets such as the Egyptian Market

As for the residential areas in it, they are varied, and you will find popular neighborhoods, and high-end complexes as well, and the prices and rentals of houses are considered average.

Beyoglu District:

Perhaps this spot from Istanbul is the most important area that bears the identity of the city with its streets, neighborhoods and details, and it contains the most important tourist attractions and neighborhoods and the most attractive for tourists from different countries of the world to Istanbul.

Beyoglu is located in the heart of what is known as the old city and is one of the oldest inhabited areas, thanks to its proximity to the coast of the Bosporus Strait.

And the most important thing that distinguishes it is its inclusion of the most important streets and neighborhoods in Istanbul in general, namely:

  • Taksim Square and the ancient Istiklal Street, at the end of which are the ancient Galata Tower

  • The Harbiye neighborhood and the famous Harbiye Museum

  • Osmanbey neighborhood, which is characterized by its beautiful design and it contains the most famous Turkish fashion brands

  • The upscale Nishantashi neighborhood, in which the historical Tesvikiye Mosque is located

For the rest of the city, living and owning a property in Istanbul in Beyoglu is somewhat expensive, as house prices are often tourist, but they are characterized by buildings and houses of luxurious and ancient design.


Among the areas that include densely populated residential neighborhoods such as Macidiyekoy, which is marked by Trump's commercial towers,

What attracts the most newcomers to the city to this region is its strategic location in the European center of Istanbul, and the availability of all forms of transportation in it, which connects all parts of the city with its European and Asian divisions, and that house rents and apartment prices in them are appropriate and medium

Among the most important facilities in Sisli, the famous "Cevahir" Mall, which is one of the largest shopping centers in Turkey.

Avcılar region:

Avcilar is located west of European Istanbul and has a long coastline on the Sea of Marmara.

The neighborhood includes "Kucukcekmece, Esenyurt, Beylikduzu" areas and all of them are crowded and fully serviced residential neighborhoods, all of which are characterized by the abundance of high-end residential complexes and towers, and real estate projects are being built continuously as they recently witnessed a remarkable boom in the field of investment in the Turkish real estate market.

It is also worth noting with regard to Avcılar. It contains one of the most important Turkish universities, which is Avcılar University, which is completely located in its center and is affiliated with the prestigious Istanbul University.

The majority of foreigners tend to live and own a property in Istanbul in Avcilar in general, especially students coming for the purpose of studying in Turkey, as it is a quiet, safe and well-serviced residential area and transportation is available and properties prices in them, whether you want to buy apartments in Istanbul or rent are very appropriate and low due to the fact that most of them are newly established and modern design and organization.

Basaksehir District:

This region is characterized by a modern nature in terms of organization and design of buildings and residential complexes, and it is newly established, in which the urban movement thrives, and the purchase and investment of real estate flourishes.

One of the advantages of living in Basaksehir is also the advantage of security and tranquility. Most of the homes and buildings in it are within high-end housing complexes with security and guarding systems. The region contains all the vital facilities necessary for daily life, including hospitals, schools, transportation, and even universities.

properties prices in Istanbul, whether to buy or rent in Basaksehir, are medium and very good considering their organization and cleanliness, in addition to the fact that most of them are newly established.

Kadikoy, Beylerbey, Uskudar:

The common point of these regions is that they are located on the Asian side of Istanbul, and all of them are located on the coast of the Bosporus.

These areas are the most desirable for living in Istanbul, Asia, because of its proximity to the European side and its privileged location on the strait, in addition to containing many important historical and tourist attractions in Istanbul such as:

  • Maiden’s tower and Camlica hill in the Uskudar region

  • Hayder Pasha station for the Hijaz railway and the ancient Baghdad Street in the Kadiköy area

  • Beylerbey Palace, dating back to the Ottoman era, in the Beylerbey region

These areas are very sophisticated and have a long historical character, so the properties prices and their rent are somewhat high and tourist.

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