Beyoglu district ... the oldest district of Istanbul

Perhaps the most beautiful thing about the Turkish city of Istanbul is its ancient neighborhoods, which witnessed all the stages of this beautiful city, and which gives it a special spirit that makes the heart of tourists and visitors more and more related to it.

Among the oldest neighborhoods of this city is the Beyoglu neighborhood, which includes the most important tourist places in Istanbul and is the first attraction point for tourism and investment and the most requested by those who want to rent or own apartments in Istanbul despite being the most expensive neighborhood in the city

Returning to the history of the city, the Beyoglu district in Istanbul was known as Pera, and the name changed to what it is now, after the founding of the Turkish Republic

It has been an inhabited neighborhood for hundreds of years and by 1204, Beyoglu became a colossal trading colony and a major base for merchants from Europe.

Then in 1348 the most important landmarks of Istanbul and the Beyoglu area, Galata Tower, were built by the Genoese.

The region maintained its importance with the empires that followed from Byzantium to the Ottoman Empire, where Beyoglu in the Ottoman era was very popular among European merchants during the nineteenth century, and as a result, a number of embassies were established in the region.

This trend has increased dramatically and the region has become home to a very large European population, which in turn has transformed the Pera District in Istanbul into the most European-like part of Istanbul.

However, as the Ottoman Empire ended at the beginning of the twentieth century, unfortunately, the Beyoglu district in Istanbul began to decline and the movement in it decreased in various commercial, cultural and other aspects.

But, after the stability of the country’s conditions, especially in the past twenty years, it regained its status in Turkey, not only in Istanbul, and today it is one of the largest municipalities in Istanbul and its most important vital, tourist and commercial centers.

It also attracts foreign investment significantly to Turkey, especially as we mentioned in the field of the Turkish real estate market, as Investors rush to own properties in Istanbul in Beyoglu area due to the huge number of tourists and visitors attracted by the different neighborhoods of this region, whether for housing, tourism or even work

Important tourist places in the Beyoglu area in Istanbul:

Being the oldest neighborhood in the city, Beyoglu district includes the most important tourist attractions and destinations in Istanbul, which attract millions of visitors throughout the year, including:

Art Gallery

There is an art gallery in Beyoglu Municipality and it is considered one of the most important exhibitions in Beyoglu. The exhibition was opened for the first time in 1990 AD.

Robinson Beyoglu Library

It is considered one of the oldest libraries in Istiklal Street and it is called Library No. 389.

It was distinguished by its unique design and it consists of a two-story café with a distinguished collection of novels and books in various fields

Qamar Hatun Mosque

The Qamar Hatun Mosque is located in the Tepepasa area, and this mosque was named after the nurse of Sultan Selim I, Qamar Hatun.

This mosque was built in 1511 AD and is characterized by its vast area of 223 square meters.

This mosque can accommodate about 150 worshipers, and is characterized by stone walls, wooden ceiling, and lead layer.

Atlas Pass

Beyoglu is famous for its many passages, one of the most important of which is the Atlas Pass, which is very popular especially for young people.

The Atlas Corridor contains many gift and clothing stores within it.

Flower Pass

Located in Istiklal Street, which is one of the most famous passages in Beyoglu, and it is called Cicek pasaji in relation to the word cicek, which means flower in Turkish

Antiques Festival in October

This festival is considered one of the important traditions in Beyoglu. This festival starts at the beginning of October and lasts for 50 days.

The festival includes rare antiques such as typewriters, helmets, shields, postcards, and old paper and metal coins.

Taksim Square and the famous Istiklal Street

It is one of the most famous squares in Turkey and perhaps the most famous. It is the main venue for celebrations in Istanbul and includes hundreds of cafes and hotels, which are frequently visited by tourists. Next to the square is the ancient Istiklal Street, which includes the most important international brands, restaurants, cafes and a number of consulates and important historical and tourist attractions.

Galata Tower

It is also considered one of the most important tourist areas, as it is located in the Galata district in Beyoglu, which is 70 meters high, as it entered the World Heritage List in 2013.

The tower is distinguished by its distinctive architectural design and was previously used as a beacon to observe ships. It witnessed many attempts by man to fly by himself and it has now become a place for tourists.

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