Tekirdag city in Turkey... let’s get to know it:

All Turkish cities without exception can be considered of the most important tourist destinations in the world, as Turkey is located on a geographical spot rich in all meanings and components of beauty and charm, from the far south to the far north.

On it the prophets walked and the great empires succeeded and from it the most important conquerors in history took off to roam the world from its far east to its far west.

It was and still is the gateway of the East to the West and the cradle of intermarriage between different civilizations and worlds.

Today, all cities in Turkey are important locations for tourism, trade and even stability and the search for new good life opportunities.

And if we go to the north of the country a little, we find a small and well-known city, which is one of the tourist places in Turkey that tourists and locals prefer to spend holidays and enjoy with family or friends, which is the Turkish city of Tekirdag.

About the Turkish city of Tekirdag and its location:

The state of Tekirdag is located in northwestern Turkey in the Marmara region, which overlooks the northern coast of the Sea of Marmara, and it consists of 9 cities and its capital is the city of Tekirdag.

It has a total area of one thousand and 112 square kilometers, and is located 135 km west of Istanbul, Turkey.

The Turkish city of Tekirdag is an ideal place to vacation and relax, away from the hustle and bustle of the cities

This city is a favorite destination for nature lovers and skydiving, as well as it contains historical landmarks dating back to different time periods.

The Turkish city of Tekirdag is called the diamond of the Marmara region in Turkey, due to its charming nature, especially in the areas where the sea meets the mountains.

The foothills of “Ucmak dere” in Tekirdag are a destination for parachute enthusiasts, as the region has stunning scenery interspersed with blue sea and greenery, which gives the sport additional pleasure. It also stimulates the hobby of camping in the arms of nature.

The Turkish city of Tekirdag has a wonderful climate and a great location on the Sea of Marmara, and the city includes charming natural scenery.

The most important places and tourist destinations in the Turkish city of Tekirdag:

The Turkish city of Tekirdag is distinguished by its charming nature and its rich natural and historical tourist places, including:

Camlikoy Kastro Beach:

This beach is located in the Saray region, which is one of the most beautiful natural beaches in the city of Tekirdag, and its length is 2.5 km, and the most important characteristic of it is its location near the meeting point of the Bahçekoy River in the Black Sea and its presence among a number of green forests.

In 1988 it was declared a natural tourist region, and for this reason there are no hotels around it. Rather, you can set up a tent for recreation and enjoyment in the embrace of pure nature.


This region in the Turkish city of Tekirdag is considered one of the most beautiful areas located on the coast of the Sea of Marmara and the most famous places where it is practiced paragliding.

The area is located in the village of Ucmakdere in Sarkoy. The region is also an excellent environment for growing the finest grapes in Turkey

Sarkoy District:

Sarkoy is located in the southwest of Tekirdag, on the coast of the Sea of Marmara. The coast of the city is the longest between the coasts in Turkey, with a length of 60 km.

In 2006, the beach received a blue flag certificate, which is an international certificate granted to environmentally safe beaches from the Environmental Education Foundation. England.

Tekirdag Archeology and Ethnology Museum:

This museum was established in the Turkish city of Tekirdag in 1967 and it was then a small hall and it remained so until the Ministry of Culture designated "Vali Palace" to be transported to exhibits in 1976.

The museum consists of four galleries in which exhibits and relics dating back to 4500 BC are displayed, as well as the remains of architectural pieces dating back to the Hellenic, Roman and Byzantine eras. You can also see folklore exhibits of the Ottoman era.

The Rakoczi Museum:

This museum is the house of the Hungarian prince Frances Rakoczi, and he lived there between 1676 and 1735 in Tekirdag, after coming to the country as a refugee to the Ottoman Empire after he was defeated in his war against the Austrians.

In 1932 the Hungarian government turned it into a museum in which it displays some of its private holdings and some historical documents and manuscripts that prove the durability of Turkish-Hungarian relations.

Tekirdag Martyrs Cemetery:

Tekirdag municipality created this cemetery in 1949 as a memorial to the Turkish soldiers who were martyred while the city was opened.

The cemetery receives great attention from visitors annually, and it is reached by a stairway in the middle of the Turkish flag made of stones and two tombstones on which written the names of the martyrs and the names of their cities

Hora Lighthouse:

The Hora lighthouse is located at the entrance to the town of Hoskoy and it belongs to the city of Sarkoy in Tekirdag, Turkey and is approximately 20 km away from it.

This lighthouse was established by order of the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Majeed in 1861 for the French with a height of 20 meters, and this lighthouse is characterized by being made of iron parts without welding but was fixed to each other by iron screws and is also characterized by being rotating by itself at 360 degrees.

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