Study in Turkey... advantages and best universities

Today, Turkey has a special place in the hearts of explorers and tourists from different countries of the world, because it has many areas that are considered of the most beautiful tourist places in the world, whether in terms of the charming nature of its sea and forests, or because it contains the most important historical monuments.

Recently, Turkey has attracted attention on the other hand, to become the preferred destination for those who wish to complete their university education and study in Turkey at any level, whether undergraduate or graduate.

It is well known that the costs of living and properties in Turkey are medium and even somewhat low when compared to European countries.

It does not differ much with regard to the costs of studying there, in exchange for obtaining a high-level education and obtaining internationally recognized certificates. Therefore, the demand for studying in Turkey has increased by foreign students in general.

The arrival of foreign students to Turkey for the purpose of studying has increased significantly in the past few years, and the decrease in study costs in Turkey is one of the most important factors that contributed to this, and the decrease in living services in general in Turkey does not mean a decrease in their quality, but quite the opposite, as Turkey has Universities with an internationally advanced ranking and a high-quality education system in them, and the student services are classy and excellent if we consider the financial return coming from them.

Advantages if you study in Turkey:

In general, Turkey's openness to the world in the last decade and the efforts of the Turkish government to encourage tourism in all its various, in addition to encouraging investment in several areas, including trade and the Turkish real estate market, contributed greatly to putting Turkey on the map for tourists in various areas, including education in Turkey.

Turkey is distinguished by the fact that its living expenses are medium to low in general, in addition to the low costs of study in Turkey, on all levels, whether in terms of housing, food, transportation, health services, registration and study fees, and many other different services.

And the Turkish government's interest in encouraging education and raising its level in the various educational institutions, both governmental and private, in exchange for providing it at reasonable costs that allow everyone the opportunity to complete their education until the postgraduate stage.

Not to forget the provision of Turkish public and private universities to grant study for various fields and levels of study

Turkey ranks first in the field of achievement and scientific research in the world and is among the first 20 countries in the world in the field of education.

In addition to all of this there are some Turkish universities that offer the possibility to study in English.

Best Turkish universities:

One of the most important features that drive students to come to study in Turkey is that it has the best universities in the world and the most important we mention

Istanbul universities:

Istanbul University, Cerrah Pasa University, Marmara University, Yedi Tepi University, Istanbul Technical University and Bogazici University

Universities in other Turkish cities:

Ataturk University in Erzurum, Gazi and Hacetepe universities in Ankara, Yıldız Technical University, Gaziantep University, Abdullah Gül and Adnan Menderes, Karabuk universities, Izmir University of Technology and Pamukkale University

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