Sile city in Turkey... the most beautiful tourist destinations on the Black Sea

What if you came to Turkey and want to go through a distinctive and unforgettable experience of isolation, tranquility and relaxation between the arms of nature, completely far away from all the noise, congestion and difficulties of modern life that fill our bodies with tension and fatigue and makes us forget ourselves to neglect the feeding of our souls.

And, is there any country that has all the ingredients and components of soul food more than Turkey, which has the most beautiful tourist places in the world?

One of the most important features of beauty is the Turkish countryside, which has its own charm coming from its virgin nature that has not been touched by the hands of development and modernity that we wish to escape from time to time and from these rural areas that can be your next refuge for relaxation and a comfortable and luxurious vacation is the village of Sile on the Black Sea coast in Turkey.

The Turkish city of Sile and its most important natural and tourist attractions:

The village or city of Sile is located in the Turkish countryside of the city of Istanbul, about 120 km from the city center. It is located on the Black Sea coast, which is a small village that relies heavily on tourism, being one of the most preferred tourist destinations in Turkey by tourists thanks to its capturing nature

Sile has a beautiful beach on the Black Sea, which is affiliated with Istanbul's beaches. It is distinguished by its golden sand and clear blue waters. It is one of the clean beaches suitable for recreation and swimming. It extends along 60 km on the coast of the Black Sea.

Also, in the village of Sile in Turkey there are many beautiful places that are worth a visit, such as the natural crying rock spring that resembles human tears in its flow, and the famous healing Kombaba plateau that many intend to use its sands to treat diseases

And there are many water activities in Turkish Sile that tourists prefer during their holidays, the most important of which are boat rides and sea trips that introduce you to the city’s landmarks from the sea, such as Sile Castle and the ancient lighthouse.

And don't forget to enjoy the delicious seafood served by restaurants in the Turkish Sheila and the popular market from which souvenirs can be bought for family and friends

Sile Lake or the hidden lake:

The hidden lake of Sile is located in an area between Sile and the Agfa area. This lake has a special kind of beauty that accompanies you towards the world of fairytales and fantasia, which is the best place for lovers of tranquility and away from the hustle and bustle of the big city and its busy areas.

As for its name hidden lake, it comes from being hidden among a number of mountains and green hills

Organizing many tourist trips from each of Istanbul and the Turkish village of Sile towards the hidden lake, and there can be many fun activities that will become moments immortalized in your memory as one of the most beautiful periods of your life

It is enough to contemplate this pure beauty made by the Mother Nature without the intervention of human hands, where the hills and green foothills surround the lake with pure blue water that purifies the view and relaxes the eye that was exhausted by the crowded city scene

A number of activities are organized around the lake, including taking boat trips within the lake and exploring all its details in the early morning, of course

Camping can also be done for lovers of communication with nature and life deprived of the luxuries of our present today, and for lovers of gathering around the bonfire with friends.

There are a number of restaurants and cafes available in the vicinity of Lake Sile as well, which offer many dishes from the Turkish cuisine and fish that enable you to eat and the legendary lake scene in front of your eyes to feed your souls not your bodies only

As for how to get to the Turkish Sile Lake or the hidden lake it is possible by traveling by car, whether your own car or a taxi or by renting a car and driving it yourself

In addition to that, there are continuous tourist trips to Sile Lake, which can cost less than traveling alone and more enjoyable with others.

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