Rahmi Koc Museum in Istanbul ... History from another perspective

Knowledge and familiarity with everything related to mechanics is something that many people like. Following up on the history and movement of development and modernization in cars and aircraft engines and even heavy mechanisms such as submarines, tanks and military jet aircraft is a hobby and a world that attracts a large number of people of all races and ages.

And in Istanbul, Turkey’s icon and one of its most beautiful cities, you can find anything you love even if it’s about industrial mechanisms and all that relates to it from its past and present.

Modern museums are well spread in Istanbul and they are diverse and cover all the favorite arts and interests of our time and are either museums belonging to the state or they are museums founded by Turkish individuals and citizens.

Among the modern Istanbul museums, we will talk about the Rahmi Koc Museum in Istanbul, which is the Museum of Industrial Equipment and Technology.

An overview of the Rahmi Koc Museum in Istanbul:

In the Haskoy region overlooking the waters of the Golden Horn Bay, the Rahmi Koc Museum is located, which is a private museum that was established by the Turkish businessman who carries the name of the museum in 1994 AD, this museum will take you back in time to the beginning of the last century as it includes all industrial exhibits, transportation, military equipment and even Games for that period,

Rahmi Koc is a Turkish businessman who was inspired by the idea of this museum after his visit to the Henry Ford Museum in the United States of America, where he started construction in 1991, to finish building and open to the public on December 13, 1994.

The Rahmi Koc Museum in Istanbul is considered the first scientific masterpiece in Turkey that displays the stages of the development of transportation and communications, industrial equipment and communication tools, electrical appliances and many inventions beneficial to humanity, and has a unique architectural character, which extends over a large area.

Sections of Rahmi Koc Museum in Istanbul and its contents:

The Rahmi Koc Museum in Istanbul contains sections containing exhibits in the fields of land, sea and air transportation as well as various industries in communications, technology and others, namely:

Land transportation exhibition: where race cars, sports cars, old convertibles, SUVs, and various motorcycles are displayed.

Rail transport exhibition: This section displays the old Istanbul tramway, the Sultan transport vehicle dating back to 1867, and several types of steam locomotives.

Maritime Transport Exhibition: This exhibition contains cargo ships, lifeboats, and boats dating back to 1951.

Air transport exhibition: This part of the Rahmi Koc Museum in Istanbul includes aircraft dating back to 1941-1979, aircraft engines and miniature models of several types of aircraft.

Engineering Exhibition: There are types of engines that date back to the nineteenth century.

Communications exhibition: which contains models for the telegraph, photography, and amplifiers, and includes an exhibition of scientific models and another for dummies, and a subwoofer and old machines, including scientific ones such as the Strasbourg clock and technological ones such as the Zoetrope which dates back to the nineteenth century where it was considered a substitute for cinema

One of the most important holdings of this museum is the military submarine located in the waters of the Gulf, next to the Rahmi Koc Museum building.

The Rahmi Koc Museum in Istanbul for industrial equipment and technology is one of the most important tourist places in Istanbul and attracts large numbers of tourists and locals who love these things. School trips are also organized to it and a rotating horse game and a small train located in the museum's external square are played for children on certain days.

Rahmi Koc Istanbul location and how to get there:

Rahmi Koc Museum is located in Istanbul in the Beyoglu district in Haskoy, on the Gulf of the Golden Horn in the European section of the city.

You can go to the museum in a number of ways

From Taksim Square by Bus 36T or 38T and get off at Kirmizi Minare Station and walk two minutes to reach the museum

It can also be reached by means of the metrobus and get off at the Halicoglu station, and then you can walk for several minutes to it, or you can ride on one of the minibuses heading towards the Rahmi Koc Museum.

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