Now you can take a rest between flights... at Sabiha Gokcen Airport

Many travelers across the world, especially those who travel a lot on their flights, face the problem of great exhaustion from the length of flight hours that are often subject to the stop system, which compels the traveler to wait hours and hours before their plane takes off, in addition to that great stress due to the pressure that many live before traveling What makes it difficult for them to sleep and take a great deal of rest.

To ensure the rest and eliminate the consequences of the problem of lack of sleep, the administration of Sabiha Gökçen International Airport in Turkey announced the opening of special rooms for sleeping exhausted travelers who waited for their upcoming flights for long hours.

The airport administration set the amount of payment for sleeping an hour in the room equipped with the latest and finest services at 7 euros per hour.

And on the Sabiha Gokcen airport facilities for the bedrooms that will receive passengers who want to relax and rest, the tired traveler due to the stress of the trip will find inside the bedroom a TV broadcasting the most prominent international channels in various languages and free internet services where he can communicate with his family in order to reassure them or complete urgent actions awaiting him, and he can Also benefit from hot drinks provided to him at no charge.

The number of bedrooms at Sabiha Airport is estimated, according to the commercial director, " Yucel Acar ", for Turkish media, with 29 rooms distributed as follows:

18 rooms for men

10 rooms for women

One room for families

"Acar" expressed his great enthusiasm for Sabiha Airport to be one of the first airports in the world to provide this much needed service to arrivals to Turkey or those who stop at Sabiha International Airport.

And on how to access these rooms, the commercial director of Sabiha Airport said that after arriving at the airport, passengers must check-in procedures on devices that have been specially prepared for them, then go to the lounge area using what is known as a QR code, which enables them to enter the bedrooms. After placing their belongings in encrypted storage cabinets, they ensure that their belongings and documents are securely secured.

Those in charge of the airport chose the quietest locations to serve the bedrooms, where passengers can rent the room and sleep in complete comfort on blankets for individual use for hours instead of exhausting themselves in search of a place with a weak level of sleep, especially since the majority need to be in their full activity and vitality as soon as they arrive in the receiving country Because of formal commitments or practical commitments, for example.

It should be noted that additional services such as blankets and pillows cost the traveler who requests them an additional amount of 2 euros for each service added to the total amount of rental, which is estimated at 7 euros.

With regard to the cleanliness of the rooms for those who suffer from allergies or fear any diseases and health complications due to the privacy of the place of sleep in the life of any person, no matter if it comes to an airport that is open to all nationalities, the commercial manager of Sabiha International Airport confirmed that the responsible officials send all blankets or mattresses used from Passenger terminal directly for dry cleaning after each use, as all interior rooms are designed to suit the needs of passengers, as each room contains a USB port that allows passengers to operate or charge their mobile devices and other electronic devices during their relaxation and sleep period.

While the lower part of the bedroom is reserved for passengers in order to put their luggage and belongings with spaces that accommodate all weights, regardless of their load percentage.

With these exceptional features, the traveler can sleep comfortably, and thus Sabiha International Airport in the Asian bank of Istanbul has provided the most requested service by the number of passengers, according to statistics, 120 thousand passengers per day at the rate of takeoff and landing every minute and a half.

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