Miniaturk Istanbul ... Turkey in one place

It is well known that Istanbul is the preferred tourist destination for most tourists who visit Turkey throughout the year and every year

As this city possesses all the elements of tourism and the economic capital for Turkey visitors to Istanbul are not only tourists, but businessmen and investors constitute a large part of them, due to the prosperity of different markets in it, including the Istanbul real estate market, which has witnessed in the last period is a strong turnout from various nationalities.

Istanbul includes many important tourist attractions nationwide, but what if you could visit all the historical and tourist places in Turkey in one place in Istanbul?

In fact, this is possible, and that is in a place called Miniaturk Park in Istanbul or anthropomorphic garden.

Miniaturk Istanbul Park:

Miniaturk Istanbul is one of the most important and beautiful tourist places in Istanbul, which attracts tourists from different regions around the world.

It was opened in 2003 and it is the first of its kind in the city and in Turkey.

The park spans 60,000 square meters and has about 500 parking spaces.

Among the most important features of Miniaturk Istanbul Park is the provision of an audio guide service that supports several languages, and which accompanies you during your tour to explain to you detailed information about each feature.

The contents of Miniaturk Istanbul:

Within Miniaturk Istanbul there are about 45 figures and more than 100 mini-models representing the most important tourist attractions in Turkey and abroad, which were made of plastic and wood, and the scale of miniaturization varies from one landmark to another depending on the size of the main place represented by this model.

Within this unique park there are a number of artificial lakes and different water spaces between pools and narrow waterways,

The Miniaturk Istanbul also contains several sections, including: The City of Games section, the Anatolian Monuments section, the Istanbul Archeology section and the most important monuments outside Turkey in addition to the marine ships thumbnail section and others.

As for the most important Turkish monuments whose figures are found in Miniaturk Istanbul:

Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Sulaymaniyah Mosque, Hagia Sophia Museum, Maiden’sTower and other Istanbul landmarks,and Pamukkale Waterfalls, Bursa Grand Mosque and Jalaluddin Rumi Mausoleum in Konya and Clock Tower in Izmir, Landmark Chimneys in Cappadocia and Malabadi Bridge and many other landmarks of Turkey.

Among the international monuments that are within this park: Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock in Palestine

In Miniaturk Istanbul there is what is known as the Istanbul Crystal Museum, and it displays many forms and drawings by red laser beams and modern three-dimensional technologies to represent the most important features of Istanbul

And of course, this park contains a special section for children, as it includes a games city designated for them and its name (Miniland), which includes many electric toys, maze, Ottoman castle and others

There is also a mini train that offers children a pleasant tour inside Miniaturk to get to know the most important landmarks.

Miniaturk Istanbul provides visitors with the opportunity to get acquainted with the civilization of Turkey and the most important milestones in it technically and modernly, through digital simulation technology room in which films are presented about the tourist and archeological sites in Turkey with an explanation of everything that is presented before you.

The park includes a souvenir shop, as well as a restaurant and café serving hot and cold drinks and some snacks.

Miniaturk Istanbul location:

Miniaturk Istanbul is located on the bank of the Golden Horn Bay, in a region of the municipality of Beyoglu, in the European section of Istanbul.

This Park can be reached from Taksim Square by taking the 45H bus and disembarking at Miniaturk Station

You can also reach this park from the Sultanahmet area by taking the bus 47 and getting off at Miniaturk Station

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