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Shopping in Turkey is a special pleasure, for several reasons, the most important of which is the beauty of the design of the markets and its proximity to the tourist areas in addition to the low prices of goods in Turkish cities, despite the high quality of their manufacture.

As the first tourism destination in Turkey, Istanbul contains a number of major and distinctive shopping centers in addition to a large number of popular and historical markets, some of which date back to the era of the Ottoman Empire.

As a huge number of shopping centers are distributed in Istanbul in its various regions and in its European and Asian sections alike, you cannot visit this city without seizing the opportunity to shop in it and buy different beautiful goods for you and your loved ones at low prices.

Some shopping centers are located in the heart of the vital and business centers in the city and in this case the center is more than just a shopping center as it is a commercial center with multiple and varied facilities, the best example of this type of shopping mall is the famous Mall of Istanbul complex.

Mall of Istanbul complex:

Mall of Istanbul complex was opened in 2014 and it has been designed to simulate the geographical map of the entire city of Istanbul, which is made up of 7 towers, four of which are residential, an office tower, a large building dedicated to the hotel and hotel units, and a huge shopping mall.

Mall of Istanbul is located in the Ikitelli region of the municipality of Basaksehir, at a vital crossroads, connecting Ataturk Airport and the TEM highway with the Northern Marmara highway that connects the European section of Istanbul with its Asian section.

As for going to the Mall of Istanbul, it is possible in several ways:

You can ride from the Yenikapi station, on M1b line to Kirazli station, then switch the metro and ride it to Ikitelli station in Basaksehir, where the mall is 800 meters from the station.

You can also use public transport buses to reach the mall from several stops

In addition, taxis and private cars are available with a driver can take you to the.

The complex includes four units:

Residential complex: Mall of Istanbul apartments.

Hotel with hotel apartments: Mall of Istanbul hotel.

Commercial offices: Mall of Istanbul offices.

Shopping mall: Mall of Istanbul stores.

Mall of Istanbul shopping center:

The mall is located on an area of 156 thousand square meters and includes more than 350 stores for luxury brands locally and internationally

It consists of 4 floors and the architectural design has been inspired by the design of the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, the historic Taksim Square, and the Ottoman Yildiz Palace.

Shops range from fashion, electronics, folk foods, home furnishings and furnishings, to children's toys.

Sections of the Mall of Istanbul:

On the last floor there is a restaurant section that offers the best food, sweets and popular dishes in addition to international cuisine, and delicious Turkish dishes.

Mall of Istanbul also contains 16 theaters with a capacity of 3050 seats.

There is also in the Mall of Istanbul the largest complex for cinemas in Turkey, Cinetech cinema, which was established for the first time in the year 2006, and this cinema provides the latest innovations in the world in the field of cinematic display, such as 3D display technologies, within modern and equipped cinemas.

One of the most important features of Mall of Istanbul is that it has the largest indoor theme park in Turkey and Europe and is called Moipark

It has various types of games such as the Roller-coaster, a modern bowling alley, a huge race track, giant somersault games, and high-speed vehicles. In addition, there are games for children and others designed for adults.

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