Living in Turkey ... advantages and costs:

With the increasing influx to Turkey by tourists and foreigners who want to settle down and live in its cities, questions and research abound in everything related to living matters in Turkey in many ways, including the atmosphere, costs, real estate in Turkey and the best Turkish cities for living and stability.

In the recent period, with the escalation of problems and wars in the countries surrounding Turkey, huge numbers of immigrants of different nationalities were brought to the country in search of safety, stability, and more and better living and working opportunities to finally obtain a decent life.

As a newcomer to Turkey, with the aim of visiting or settling, you will think of many things and questions related to the issue of living in Turkey.

So, let us review the most important points related to living in Turkey:

First - the advantages of living in Turkey:

The welcoming general climate:

In this we mean many different aspects that include the nature of the country, the demographic composition, the facilities and the features that are available in it.

When talking about living in Turkey, it is a truly beautiful country in many ways, because it has an amazing and amazing nature that varies from city to city and this makes it more distinctive, in addition to cultural diversity, warm public atmosphere and hospitable nature of the people.

Low cost of living:

Living in Turkey is considered low cost compared to many other countries that may not be more advanced.

If we compare the prices of products in Turkey with prices in Europe, for example, you will notice a big difference even though the Turkish products are of the same quality.

Easy entry to Turkey:

Entering Turkey for any reason is considered easy thanks to the availability of different means of transportation, and whether you prefer to travel by air, sea or land, in Turkey you will find many options to choose from, all of which are excellent and well-serviced.

That is in addition to the fact that the paperwork and the documents necessary to enter Turkey are easy to issue, especially with a large number of tourist companies in Turkey that can help you in such matters.

Second - living costs in Turkey:

As we mentioned earlier in the article, the cost of living in Turkey is low compared to the cost of living in other countries in Europe or America, for example.

And this matter includes all aspects of life and living such as food, clothes, facilities, health services, transportation in addition to the study costs as well.

On the other hand, the living costs in terms of properties in Turkey are considered medium and low as well, as it can be easily noticed how the properties prices are somewhat exaggerated in Europe when compared to the prices in Turkey, especially where you can get a good apartment for example with many features in a vital location with a really comfortable and low cost and that’s whether you intend to rent or buy an apartment in Turkey.

However, the cost of living in Turkey varies according to several factors, the most important of which are cities. For example, the cost of living in Istanbul is the highest among other Turkish cities, for several reasons, the most important being the capital of the country’s economy and the first destination for all tourists and those willing to settle in addition to the importance of its geographical location for Turkey and the world as well.

That is, the prices of apartments in Istanbul, are higher than the prices of apartments in a city like Bursa for example, but these prices and the cost of living in Istanbul which are considered high compared to other Turkish cities, remain acceptable, medium, and suitable for different social classes. Especially as the job and investment opportunities are the highest in it.

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