Istinye Park shopping center in Istanbul

Shopping and buying different clothes and accessories are of the favorite activities for tourists who go to the Turkish city of Istanbul, regardless of the purpose of their trip, whether it is for tourism, hiking or work and investment in various fields such as trade or real estate in Turkey

And the reason why tourists and visitors from different countries of the world prefer shopping in Istanbul and Turkey in general comes from the fact that the prices of different goods and products such as clothes, furniture, household items and others are considered medium or even low in exchange for high quality in manufacturing.

From this standpoint, today we find a number of commercial centers and shopping centers in Istanbul today, which are the most important in the country, including the Mall and the Istinye Park Complex.

About Istinye Park Mall in Istanbul:

Istinye Park Mall was opened in Istanbul in 2007 AD It was built on a land area of 87 thousand square meters and includes about 300 stores selling clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. In addition to restaurants and cafes,

Istinye Park is distinguished by it includes 41 new international brands that entered the Turkish market for the first time

Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of this mall, which is Istinye Park in Istanbul, from the rest of the malls and city centers is its distinctive architectural design, as the roof of the complex consists of a moving glass that opens and closes in different seasons in summer and winter.

This gives the mall distinct lighting and changes with the changing atmosphere in the city, which gives a distinctive and charming touch to the shopping experience in the open mall.

Istinye Park in Istanbul consists of 4 floors distributed two of them underground and ground floor and floor above ground and it includes 3600 parking lots which makes its visitors do not suffer from the problem of congestion in the parking which is found in most shopping centers in the city of Istanbul

For movie and cinema lovers, Istinye Park Mall in Istanbul has 12 cinemas equipped with the latest technology and is the first center to have an IMAX hall to show cinemas in addition to 3D and other technologies

In addition to the presence of places designated for children in Istinye Park for entertainment and fun and spending the best times, there is also a large fun time hall in Istinye Park dedicated to children and equipped with many electrical toys and activities that ensure them enjoy this visit

There are also within the Istinye Park Mall the most important international brands of clothing stores, the most important of which are: Zara, Under Armor, Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, H&M and others

And many restaurants affiliated with international and famous Turkish chains, including: Burger King, Mc Donald’s and Popeyes in addition to the most famous Turkish restaurants such as tavuk dünyası and others in addition to the presence of famous cafes such as starbucks and Caribou Coffee

Also, in Istinye Park Mall there is a branch of the famous Turkish restaurant chain Nusret, which belongs to the famous Turkish chef Nusret AKA Salt bae.

Istinye Park Mall location in Istanbul:

Istinye Park Mall and Mall is located in Sariyer area near the Emirgan Park in the European section of Istanbul, near the Bosporus strait and bridge

As for how to get to the place:

It is possible to reach Istinye Park Mall in Istanbul from either

Taksim Square by riding the M2 subway and getting off at the Ayazağa station and then walking 10 minutes to reach the mall

It is also possible to go to the mall either by taxi or one of the internal buses running from the Besiktas region on the Bosporus coast.

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