Istanbul Toy Museum... childhood land:

It is known that the city of Istanbul in Turkey is the first and preferred destination for tourism and hiking, for tourists from all over the world.

However, your stay in any of the Turkish cities for the purpose of work, investment or study does not mean that you are not concerned with matters of tourism and entertainment, for example you cannot be in Turkey for several years without taking time to rest and go on a trip to recreation and tourism in Istanbul, this city that has everything that attracts visitors from different parts of the world as in it there are beaches, seas and charming nature, in addition to landmarks and historical buildings from different eras and civilizations.

If you stay in Turkey or visit it for the purpose of investing in Istanbul real estate market, for example, why you do not take a day from your business trips, to visit one of Istanbul's tourist sites, such as visiting one of its modern museums, and why don’t you make this day a day intended for the family also and go with your children To the Istanbul Toy Museum.

About the Istanbul Toy Museum:

This museum was established based on the idea of the Turkish writer "Akin" in 2005, as an entertainment building for children and adults together,

The museum located in Kadiköy on the Asian side of Istanbul and contains more than 10 thousand games distributed from outside to inside between the four floors of the wooden building, which are space games, historical games that are more than 200 years old prepared from America and France in addition to the games offered for sale and Recreational workshops for children

The museum is located in the Asian part of the city, in the Goztepe region of the Kadiköy region.

The Children's Museum of Istanbul is an old white wooden palace.

At the entrance to the museum, you will find two large giraffes welcoming you.

And when you enter the Toy Museum, you will find a game store in front of you. From which, you can buy some unique souvenirs from a large variety of games.

Sections of the Istanbul Toy Museum and its holdings:

The Toy Museum from inside is composed of four floors, in which the games are distributed according to their age and history

The writer Akin The owner of the idea of this children's museum, has designed its decorations elaborately and attractively, according to the categories of games and the dates of their manufacture, where they are classified as follows:

The first floor: It is a store that sells toys and souvenirs, where everyone will want to buy some gifts that remind them of this fun visit.

The remaining three floors: it includes more than 10 thousand games, some dating back nearly 200 years, that were brought in from several countries, starting with Turkey, France, Germany, America, and others.

The museum contains the oldest game in the world and was made in France in 1817 AD and another was made in America in 1869 AD, and there is also a section in the Toy Museum where a special space games can be found where you see illuminated stars shine in the ceiling and lights take you with your imagination to feel yourself in space amid these Wonderful games

In addition to these games, there are many activities and events for children to develop their skills and introduce them to the mechanism of making games and other times of fun and entertainment.

There is also a café in the museum that offers your children what they love from sweets in distinctive forms in addition to various drinks

Istanbul Toy Museum location and how to get there:

The Istanbul Toy Museum is as we mentioned in the Kadiköy area close to the famous Baghdad Street on the Asian side of Istanbul

This museum can be reached in a number of ways, including:

From Taksim Square by minibuses called (Taksim-Bostanci) and get off at Caddebostan Avenue and walk a few minutes later

Or from the Eminonu region by one of the ferries heading towards Kadiköy and then walk for no more than 10 minutes to reach the Toy Museum in Istanbul

As for the times allocated for visiting the museum, they are:

From 9:30 am until 18:00 pm

From 9:30 in the morning until 19:00 in the weekend

Whereas, the museum closes its doors every Monday

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