Istanbul Libraries ... the legacy of the past and the modernity of the present:

Writing and learning is a passion that has followed mankind since the beginning of history, and it is so to this day, and it is the basis for the establishment of states and a guide for their progress. From this standpoint and given the importance of science and books in civilizations, education, science and building schools and libraries in Turkey were at the forefront of the interests of the Ottoman sultans throughout the ages, and this passion continued even with the establishment of the Turkish Republic and to this day.

And there is no city that expresses the identity of Turkey in its various civilizations, such as Istanbul, and this is where you can exclusively find the most important and most ancient libraries of Turkey which are rich in various books and historical manuscripts in various languages.

And as a tourist coming, whether for the purpose of tourism in Istanbul,

or if some kind of business or investment has brought you to it in the field of real estate in Turkey, for example, and you are a fan of reading, books and history in general, let us show you the most important libraries of Istanbul.

Central Library of Istanbul University

It is the library of the University of Istanbul, which was founded by Sultan Mehmet II upon entering Constantinople and is considered the largest university library in Turkey, it remained bearing the name "House of Arts" until 1933 where it became the Central University Library of Istanbul and today it was transferred to the "Istanbul University Directorate of Books and Documents House".

This library contains 15th century manuscripts and hundreds of important books and documents in various languages.

In addition to containing books and manuscripts of the library also a modern side contains all modern services for its attendees, students or lovers of history and reading.

Beyazit Library:

The library is located in the Fatih area near the headquarters of the University of Istanbul and the Grand Bazaar, and it is one of the oldest libraries in Turkey and its history dates back to the year 1884. The Beyazit Library contains more than a million authors, books and manuscript, in addition to maps, newspapers and ancient archives of great historical importance.

This library is considered a favorite place for lovers of reading in general and the most suitable place to study for students of Istanbul universities in particular, because it contains large reading halls that remain open throughout the day and include Internet services, music rooms, movie screening and a conference hall.

Sulaymaniyah Library:

This library was built with the construction of the famous Sulaymaniyah Mosque, by order of the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent in 1549 and it was a small library inside the building of the mosque, while the current construction of the Sulaymaniyah Library located next to the mosque was opened in 1927 to become a historical tourist landmark that opens its doors to visitors from 9 in the morning until 6 in the evening.

This library is important because it contains a tremendous amount of original copies of rare Islamic and Ottoman manuscripts and books that were collected from various libraries of traditional Ottoman schools, that 60% of the manuscripts and books in the library are in Arabic and 30% in Turkish in addition to Persian.

Ataturk Library:

Ataturk Library was built in 1939 and it has a distinctive hexagonal design located in the most crowded tourist places in Istanbul, Taksim Square. This library attracts more than 600 visitors on a daily basis from various regions of Istanbul, Turkey and even tourists. The secret of attracting this huge number of people in that it contains a large number of books in various fields and languages in addition to being the only library that keeps its doors open to readers 24/7.

Modern Istanbul libraries:

In addition to the old libraries that contain manuscripts and historical documents, we also find international and modern Istanbul libraries, in addition to foreign libraries that have recently appeared in the city, with the increase of foreign residents of different nationalities, and from these libraries we mention:

Robinson Beyoglu Library: It is located on Istiklal Street and it consists of two floors, the first is a cafe and the second is for books.

Assouline Library in Bebek: It is an international brand containing international books for various fields

Pages Library: located at Fatih region, which hosts many artistic and cultural activities.

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