Important tips to avoid defrauding in property title deed

According to all international norms, the transactions for buying any new real estate are not complete except by obtaining an official document proving the final ownership of the apartment, villa, store, office, hotel, etc.

The names of this document differ from one country to another, and in Turkey it is called "Tabu".

Tabu Senedi, or the title deed, this official document proving the customer's possession of the property in Turkey, where ownership can only be recognized by it, which reassures himself and later avoids any legal problems arising from the lack of documentation and impedes him in case he wants, for example, to sell his property at a time Later.

What does the title deed contain?

This important document in the process of buying a property in Istanbul, Trabzon, Bursa, Antalya, or any other Turkish city is extracted from an office called the Land Registry Office or what is known to the Turks as the "Land Registry Department", where all the details of the data related to the property are written according to its type.

Generally, the land registry consists of the real estate address, a personal photo of the owner of the property, the registration number of the plot on which the building is to be constructed, along with an explanation of the quality of the land, as it was not suitable for construction or not, that is, if he had obtained a construction permit, which is the necessary condition for the construction of any building in Turkey, especially modern residential complexes All have a building permit.

The “Land Registry” deed also includes the total land area on which the housing project or any other type of property is built, as well as the area of the property itself along with the floor number and building number.

One of the important points that must be acquired in the title deed is the financial value of the property and is exclusively in Turkish lira, as it is strictly forbidden to deal in foreign currency in the transactions of buying and selling properties in Turkey.

The price of the property is determined obligatory based on the real estate evaluation conducted by persons or offices of government accredited offices.

The Land Registry also contains data regarding the method of ownership of the property, meaning that the owner of the property obtained it through an inheritance or purchase from a previous owner or directly from construction companies, meaning the buyer is the “first owner”.

These data include a box in which information is provided on the previous property owner, that is, if the property is a second hand, "his identity, nationality, and whether he has a debt or a mortgage and etc.."

The title deed obliges detailed information about the owner of the new property, whether it is one or several persons. "Name, national number, nationality, determining the share of each owner in case it was a collective ownership of the property.

In addition to all these data, the title deed contains registration data before and after the purchase and the stamp and signature of the person responsible for organizing and issuing this important bond.

What are the types of tile deed?

Land title deeds

These bonds rely on ascertaining the type of land as it is suitable for construction or not, as well as its legal status by reviewing the municipality so that the investor does not clash with its being a public property or designated for specific projects that hinder its use of it.

Building and construction bonds

This type of bond is intended for building as a complete unit such as houses, apartments, villas, offices, etc.

Commercial real estate registry

This document is devoted to the property that is directed for the purpose of trade, such as shops, offices, restaurants, stores, shops, etc. where the investor has a duty to register the purpose of using the property so that it does not collide later during the sale of it, for example, by registering it on the basis of practicing a commercial purpose.

Agricultural Land Registry

It is also called the blue bond and every landowner acquires it on a plot of land that authorizes its owner to use it in a project of agriculture or agricultural activity or animal husbandry.

Mortgage easing bonds

This bond relates to real estate projects under construction of any type, provided that they have been approved and depends in particular on the planning and division of the building, where each section gets a special easement document that clarifies its location and provides data on its details.

It should be noted that the easement bond expires after obtaining the housing approval, after which it will be given the title to the full ownership of the property.

Shared Title deed or property ownership

It is a bond offered for a limited period in which the owner has the right to sell, buy, or rent a property.

Therefore, anyone wishing to buy or own a property in Turkey should check with the Land Registry Department to ensure that there are no violations, seizures or mortgages of the property.

Title deed

It is the most important document that proves legally the investor's ownership of the property permanently and possesses several data that we have previously detailed in the paragraph above.

What are the golden tips to avoid fraud in the title deed document?

We must remember that the title deed is the most important document for a foreign investor to obtain while purchasing a property in Turkey, and therefore we at "BEIN Turkey" website provide important advice to our esteemed clients on this bond, as follows:

  • The non-arrival of the independent property number, the floor number, the area of the land share, and only mentioning that the land is suitable for construction only means that the aforementioned property has real estate appropriation records.

  • Mentioning the serial number data, area and floor only means that the land is suitable for construction without obtaining a full title deed.

  • Fill in the gender genre of the property in the title deed and indicate its type “building, apartment, villa” which means that the title deed is complete.

  • The title deed is granted exclusively to the real owner of the property, while other people who have other rights to the property such as rent and mortgage are not entitled to it.

  • A single title deed is granted in the event that the property is owned by more than one person, but with clarification of the share of each owner in the document data.

  • Not to mention the percentage of the person whose name is mentioned in the owner's box in case of collective ownership of the property, which means that the actual owner is the one whose name was mentioned in the box only.

  • The system of property partners means that all the property divisions are equally owned by the owners, as a single property is not subject to division into parts.

Just as we provided readers of our esteemed article with golden information about the title deed, the most important documents of real estate ownership in Turkey, our professional team is obligated to accompany them in the purchase process with a set of advice and consultations until the obtaining the full title deed in a proper way that allows the foreign investor to use his property in a free and comfortable way.

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