How do BEIN real estate projects resist the devastating earthquakes in Turkey

Customer: Will my apartment be earthquake proof? Is the threat level zero in the event of a disaster? Are your properties insured against various natural disasters? Will our life be safe and our property immune from any potential losses?

A BEIN real estate investment consultant: Of course, the safety of life and property is an indispensable pillar in all our projects that rely on the latest construction technologies and according to international standards.

This conversation is a model for one of the questions, but an obsession posed to our advisors periodically regarding the extent of insurance of BEIN Turkey real estate projects from various risks of natural disasters, especially earthquakes, especially those that are devastating.

And because our goal is to reassure our customers with concrete evidence, BEIN Turkey company for real estate investment held a dialogue with the largest engineers supervising our largest projects and expert in the field of real estate, Mr. Emri Elurit , who told us in detail about all the technologies that construction and construction companies contract with in the field of Potential earthquake response.

The engineer summarized

the mechanisms of earthquake-resistant buildings in 5 basic standards to which all BEIN Turkey real estate investment projects are subject:

  • All earthquake-resistant building designs are based on a mechanism by which construction support is provided by attaching roofs and walls to a solid square that remains stable when an earthquake occurs.The vertical support of the construction helps to resist the lateral forces caused by the earthquake.

  • Skyscrapers are built on separate bases consisting of springs, rollers and metal balls.It is the task of this base to absorb shocks, so that the building is not exposed to vibration caused by the earthquake.

  • The use of strong construction joints where these joints absorb pressure, which makes them able to absorb seismic forces and also makes the building work as a single coherent unit without breaking apart due to the earthquake, no matter how strong it is.

  • Relying on the strength of building foundations is one of the most important features of earthquake-resistant buildings where suitable cohesive soil is chosen to build buildings on it as our architectural partners move away from all clay or sandy soil areas that are not compatible with safety and modern construction standards. BEIN real estate investment engineers focus on choosing a solid floor that adapts to all kinds of risks and threats, working to reduce the vibration of the building in the event of earthquakes.

  • Focusing precisely on the dimensions of the building before proceeding with the construction of the project. In case the length of the building exceeds 50 meters, expansion and landing joints will be placed on the upper floors, and seismic dividers will be put in place, and the aim will be to preserve the integrity of the building in the event of an earthquake.

The architect, Emri Elurit, in his speech to the BEIN Turkey real estate company, mentioned the measures that the Turkish government places great emphasis on in terms of updating the building laws on an ongoing basis to make it safer and more durable.

He said in his statement to BEIN that among the most important laws that the Turkish government binds is the article that states that everyone who owns a property in Turkey, regardless of its type, an apartment or a commercial store, is obligated to issue mandatory insurance tax against earthquakes through which damages are compensated Earthquake Physical.

This insurance includes the main house sections, from foundations, main and partitions and retaining walls, in addition to ceilings and floors, as well as drawers and elevators, in the event of an earthquake.

It is paid in the form of an annual tax known as DASK and this tax is usually calculated in two dollars per one square meter and is paid annually with other real estate taxes.

The engineer and expert in the field of real estate assured all those wishing to own a property in Turkey that all the buildings established by construction companies contracted with BEIN Turkey real estate company in general and in Istanbul in particular have proven their strength and hardness in the face of the recent earthquake that hit Istanbul Turkey in September of the year Past.

This has prompted many old homeowners to go for the purchase of modern apartments in Istanbul

This brings the numbers of internal and external demand for properties to increase dramatically.

Based on these data, many Turkish construction companies have launched several huge housing projects, the last of which is the commercial residential complex project Piyalepasa Downtown, the heart of Istanbul, which spans an area of 450 thousand cubic meters of services and facilities full of international commercial stores in addition to green spaces and places for entertainment For children not to mention the health club, 9 cinemas, and 9 car parks for up to 3,900 vehicles of all sizes.

A project that the engineer and expert in the field of real estate Emri Elurit confirms to the BEIN Team on its importance due to its strategic location, it is just a few minutes away from the most important tourist and vital places in Istanbul, including Taksim Square, Nisantasi and Sisli, and includes the most appropriate conditions for lovers of comfort and luxury and those looking for fruitful trade in suitable areas For successful economic projects, in addition to meeting all modern building safety standards against all threats that may be caused by earthquakes or any other natural disaster.

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