Have you ever been to the Istanbul Chocolate museum before?

Istanbul owns the most important tourist places in Turkey with regard to both ancient and modern places, which makes the city a great museum in its own,

In Istanbul, you find historical palaces from ancient civilizations that passed through the city, such as the Ottoman and Byzantine Empires, and in it you also find the magic of nature in the beautiful gardens and forests

Not to mention the Istanbul museums, which can be divided into two parts, which are historical museums and modern museums, and these museums are among the most important factors attracting tourism in Turkey and Istanbul in particular.

Istanbul's modern museums are museums that either contain holdings of modern history or contain modern artwork, and this type of museum attracts a certain class of tourists usually, as it gives them an entertainment and educational experience alike which makes them their preferred destination.

Among the most important of these museums is the Istanbul Chocolate museum

About the Istanbul Chocolate Museum in Turkey:

The museum is located in the Esenyurt area of Istanbul, within the Pelit Chocolate Factory. The scent of delicious cocoa beans fills your breath before entering the galleries that will amaze you with the numerous and huge sculptures made entirely of chocolate.

The Chocolate Museum in Istanbul spans over 25,000 square meters of land and is composed of four main showrooms.

Sections of the Istanbul Chocolate Museum:

As we mentioned, the museum consists of four main halls:

The first hall: When you enter this hall, you will notice in the beginning a cascade of hot chocolate, which is available for taste, then you will start to see many figures of animals, trees, and people, for example, the famous seller of Simit in Turkey, the candy house, and many other figures that seem to the viewer as if they are real, but they are made completely of chocolate only.

The second hall: this hall of the Chocolate Museum in Istanbul, contains a number of miniatures of historical relics dating back to different time periods and it is made entirely of chocolate as well. From these figures we find the Sultan Ahmed Mosque or the famous Blue Mosque and the Hagia Sophia Museum and many other tourist attractions Famous in Istanbul as the Bosporus Bridge.

The third hall: In this section of the Chocolate Museum you will find statues of the most prominent Turkish and international historical figures who left distinctive monuments in the world such as the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed the second and the genius physicist Albert Einstein in addition to a figure of the founder of the Turkish Republic Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and other Turkish and international personalities all made of chocolate of course

The fourth hall: It is the hall that is loved for children and for a section of adults, as it contains their favorite and loved cartoon characters figures such as Snow White and many of the famous and beloved Disney characters, as well as multiple and distinct forms of cake molds made all of chocolate

The Chocolate Museum in Istanbul also includes a souvenir shop made of chocolate in addition to the products that the factory offers to the visitors souvenirs after their tour in the museum ends.

How to get to the Istanbul Chocolate museum?

As we’ve mentioned the museum is located in Esenyurt and can be reached in several ways:

From Taksim square by one of the buses: 76D 76E 79T

Or by the M2 metro then 146T bus

The Istanbul Chocolate museum can also be reached by Metro bus

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