Fethiye city in Turkey... your best next vacation:

If you think about the place where you can spend your next vacation, the options are many and puzzling, but Turkey is always the best option, because even if you have visited it before, the pleasure of discovering new places and living a different adventure is always there, as the tourist places in Turkey do not end and the best destinations to spend your vacation at any time of the year is many and varied and cannot be visited in one trip

To help you more in the selection, we will talk about one of the most beautiful cities and tourist destinations in Turkey, which is the Turkish city of Fethiye.

Location of the Turkish city of Fethiye:

Fethiye is located in the Aegean basin, in the region separating Turkey and Greece in particular. It is based on the ruins of the historic ancient city of Tlos

The Turkish city of Fethiye took its name from the Ottoman pilot Yuzbashi Fethi, a pilot who participated in the First World War and died because of his plane crash on the Golan Heights, and his name was given to the city in honor of his sacrifice.

The city is characterized by a natural fence of pine trees, which gives it a breathtaking landscape and one of the most beautiful sites of the city, is what is known as the Dead Sea bay, and the its shores extend along 3 kilometers. And its beaches were chosen as the most beautiful sandy beaches in the whole world, due to the beauty of the colors in them. As for the name of the Dead Sea, it is more likely that it comes from the nature of its calm and pure waters.

The most important tourist sites in the Turkish city of Fethiye:

The fun and recreational activities do not end in Fethiye, Turkey, where there are many beautiful tourist areas, including:

Butterflies Valley:

This valley is located at the top of Mount Babadag, overlooking the Aegean Sea, and it belongs to the Turkish Mugla region

It is a large valley, that can be reached by boat from Fethiye, specifically from the Oludeniz region, and this journey takes about 45 minutes.

As for the name of the Valley of the Butterflies, it is because this valley, which has an area of 86,000 square meters, contains about 100 types of butterflies, including authentic orange, black, and the white "New Jersey Tiger" butterflies.

Also growing in the valley many types of trees, including olive trees, lemon, pomegranate, oranges, grapes, chestnuts, peaches, plums, palm trees, oleander, and laurel.

Therefore, the area is considered a nature reserve, where it is allowed to camp and travel only without harming the nature of the place.

Rock tombs:

The Turks call it the rock tombs because they are tombs depicting the ancient warriors and their sculptures, and they are archaeological tombs carved into the existing rock inside the city, along with the remains of the castle that is believed to be built by the Knights of St. John and which is located on the plateau in the south of the Turkish city of Fethiye.

Also found is the Tlos Theater, one of the most important and largest Roman ruins, with a capacity of 5,000 people. It was restored in the second century AD and used as a field of wrestling during the time of the Byzantine Empire.

Ottoman antiquities:

Within what is known as the old neighborhood in Fethiye, there are Ottoman ruins such as the "Eski" mosque, or the old mosque, which was built in 1791, the Turkish bath in Fethiye, which has fourteen domes, and 6 arched baths

Also, in the Turkish city of Fethiye there is a Museum, which has many historical relics have been found in the city and its vicinity.

Boat trips:

These trips take place within the double-deck boats, yachts and depart from the city's port every day from 10 in the morning, to accompany the tourists on an entertaining trip and an exploration tour, deep in the Mediterranean Sea, amid the fresh air, and the capturing nature

The tour includes lunch and solarium on the top deck of the ship.

And if you like exploring marine life, you can sit in the bottom section of the boat, and have fun while dolphins, fish and sea turtles surround you.

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