Cevahir Mall in Istanbul ... a non-ending shopping trip:

Tourists attend Istanbul in Turkey for several purposes, and with the diversity of these goals, everyone finds its goal in this big and rich city 

Because in it, all what students wants and need from the most important universities and scientific institutions with a high level,

 and in which there are all the historical world monuments that attract the followers of antiquities and the treasures of ancient civilizations and empires, 

the most important of these Empires which went through the city of Istanbul, the Byzantines, passing through Rome and ending with the Ottomans. 

Today, the city of Istanbul also includes all modern facilities and entertainment places that are up to date and important for people's lives and requirements today

And recently Turkey in general, and Istanbul in particular, became a destination for shopping lovers and followers of the latest fashion and fashion trends in the field of clothing, as there are a large number of the most important international and Turkish clothing brands in it.

In addition to that, the city of Istanbul is characterized by a large spread of old and modern markets in it and today there are a large number of closed shopping centers in the city, which are all of the most important tourist places in Istanbul and a favorite destination for tourists to shop and spend quality time with family and friends within their journey in the city regardless of its goal

Among the most important shopping centers or malls in the city of Istanbul, and the largest of which we mention:

Cevahir Mall:

Cevahir Mall was opened in Istanbul in the tenth month of 2005 and it is one of the largest and biggest shopping centers in the Middle East, where the area of the mall is estimated at about 58 thousand square meters. 

The Cevahir Mall consists of 6 floors containing 280 stores and a parking place with a capacity of 2500 vehicles

The mall also includes parks and special places for children to play in addition to the Atlantis Entertainment Center, which is the first of its kind in Turkey, being the first closed entertainment center.

Cevahir Mall contains various types of shops and international and local brands that provide visitors with all their requirements of the clothing, shoes, home furniture, perfumes, cosmetics, electrical tools and accessories. 

In addition to the presence of two floors dedicated to restaurants and cafes, which includes a number of international restaurants in addition to restaurants that offer distinctive and delicious Turkish cuisine

Among the activities that can be carried out within the Cevahir Mall in Istanbul

Is to walk around the shops and buy the clothes, shoes, leather products, perfumes and accessories you need from this premium brand globally.

You can also buy all the necessary sporting goods, including clothes, sports equipment, shoes and others.

In the Cevahir Mall in Istanbul, you can also shop elegant and unique pieces of furniture, home décor and upscale furnishings from the mall's specialized stores.

You can also enjoy attending a movie in one of 6 galleries including 3 galleries that use 3D display technology, all of which use the latest sound and lighting systems and provide the latest global cinema productions.

For fans of theater and traditional art, you can attend great entertainment shows in one of the 13 spacious theaters that the Cevahir mall includes and which accommodates about 25 thousand spectators.

And as we mentioned that there is the entertainment city of Atlantis, which provides all kinds of entertainment and joy for you and your children.

Cevahir Mall is located on the European side of Istanbul in the May 19 area of Sisli municipality in Istanbul near Osmanbey Street which reaches the famous Taksim Square

You can reach the mall by the Metrobus and go to the Mecidiyekoy station, where the mall is located approximately a 5-minute walk from the station. You can also take the metro by getting off at Sisli Station, on the metro line that starts from Yenikapi Station and goes to Haciosman Station.

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