Bursa .. a three-dimensional investment

"My story with it started with the same spring, I attached to it as I did before, it pulled me to it in a way that I did not understand for a moment, tried to give a name to that ... magic, attraction, but rather an obsession with all the meaning of the word. So I went back to it, living not visiting .. It is a stock exchange is life, comfort is the house I was looking for"

Live testimony of Yasmin, a tourist from Kuwait decided two years ago to settle permanently on Buras this charming city located northwest of Anatolia along the coast of the Sea of ​​Marmara and incubating about a million and a half million of the population as the fourth city of Turkey in terms of population and the first in Turkey in terms of the most appropriate cities to live and 48 globally Due to its scenic nature, low cost of living, abundance of recreational places and job opportunities in many fields.

And intermarried in Bursa the nature with what it inherited through the prosperous covenants of both the Byzantines and the Seljuks, up to the Ottomans, who made it a capital for them and revived it and created an identity that captures the fragrantness of every visitor to it and roaming through its streets and its winding neighborhoods rich with squares and historic houses with tiled roofs adjacent to the architectural monuments and ancient buildings And mineral baths.

Bursa .. a natural cultural entertaining attraction

Bursa province , which has become among the best destinations for Turkish citizens who travel to it annually in thousands by buying properties as well as foreigners who come to them as tourists and settle in later, it includes many landmarks and places that make everyone flock to it, and the following are the most important ones:

Gardens and parks

Bursa is called the green paradise, because it contains many green spaces, gardens and parks open to nature. Among the most important of them are the five most famous gardens, which are successively, the "cultural" garden that extends over an area of ​​393 thousand square kilometers, where interesting water games are held, and the park contains an open theater that can accommodate about 5000 spectators in addition To restaurants and cafes.

Botanic Garden or the large flower garden that is greatly admired by its expatriates for its luscious views.

Bursa Zoo which includes many animals including wolves, tigers, lions, birds of prey, giraffes, and monkeys.

Attractive park, which is the most suitable destination for families, which includes fish ponds and water pools for fishing, and many cafes, restaurants and entertainment facilities.

Amusement parks and games cities

Bursa contains many entertainment places that make it a daily destination for visitors, Turkish citizens or tourists, similar to the "Bodium Park" park which includes Bursa amusement parks for children and many shopping places.

The most famous amusement park "Luna Park" in Bursa, which is located in the cultural park and includes modern and traditional electric games aimed at both young and old.

"Sukai Park" is also one of the great places to enjoy and entertain, as it contains a lake-skiing park surrounded by many restaurants and cafes where people sit to enjoy watching this sport.

The F-16 Karting car race is one of the most important entertainment destinations in Bursa, as it is only a short distance from the "Animals and Botanic" parks. The race track is one of the most interesting places for young people who love this enthusiastic and exciting game.

Lakes and waterfalls

There is in Bursa or the green city, as many like to call it, a large number of waterfalls that attract thousands of tourists annually. One of the most beautiful waterfalls is the Said Abad waterfall in the area of ​​Al-Kastel and the Coricle waterfall, which reaches a height of 82 meters. In addition, it includes the Grand Waterfall Stock Exchange known as the "Kamal Pasha" waterfall, the "Eilat" waterfall full of clear springs and the "Deewangi" waterfall near Lake "Dwansi" where barbecues are held, and many young people prefer camping around and organizing hiking tours.

The lakes also have a large share of the breathtaking nature of Bursa Governorate, where all lakes share its freshwater, including Lake "Al-Wattat", which contains 7 islands, Lake "Kush Jannat", or bird sanctuary, where thousands of birds and Lake "Iznik", the fifth largest lake in Turkey and Lake "Dyengye" are the best places for camping and fishing, Lake "Doganji" and "Black" Lake located at the top of Mount Uludag.

Uludag Mountain

Uludag Mountain or the Big Mountain, and some prefer to call it the legendary mountain, as it is the highest peak in the West Anatolia region and is 2543 meters from the sea and one of the largest tourist attractions in Bursa.

And access to the mountain by land and also by air through the most famous and easiest way in the winter "cable car", where the height of snow reaches 4 meters.

Thousands of tourists visit the mountain every year, especially for skiing, as international competitions are held between December and March.

Bursa cable car

The Bursa cable car has been transformed from a mere regular means of transportation into a self-contained tourist landmark, where visitors come specifically to ride it in a unique and unforgettable experience.

The length of the Bursa cable car, which gives its passenger a wonderful view over Uludag Mountain, is 9 km, making it the longest cable car in the world.

Historic villages

Bursa contains a group of historical villages, most notably the Jumali Kezik or the wonderful Ottoman village located outside the city of Bursa and is famous for its cobbled streets and the design of its distinctive buildings where the visitor finds her the opportunity to eat the most delicious breakfast in the Turkish rural style in the open air.

Added to the Ottoman village are the picturesque villages of Juliaz, Messi and Trelia Modania.

Shopping and bazaars

Bursa contains a large number of traditional and modern shopping spaces, among the most important of which is the Goza Hani Bazaar, which contains the most beautiful and finest types of silk fabrics and luxury Turkish textiles at affordable prices.

Dhafir Plaza, or "Pyramid Complex", which is similar to the Louvre Museum in Paris, is one of the most famous and most wonderful shopping centers, in addition to the covered market, Tuesday market, and AC Center and Mall of Towels.

Mosques, museums, and caves

As mentioned earlier, the attractions of Bursa vary from natural to historical to religious, and among the most important are the Green Mosque, which contains the mausoleum and the finest examples of Arabic calligraphy and adjacent to cafes and souvenirs.

Bursa also features many museums, most notably the Ataturk Museum, the House of Truce Museum, the Ottoman House Museum and the Iznik Museum, each of which has its own original architectural style.

Bursa is also distinguished from other regions in Turkey by the presence of magnificent caves and caves dating back thousands of years, such as "Ai Fine Cave" and the Cave of "Oilat", the third largest cave in Turkey, caused by an earthquake dating back 300 million years.

Historic tree

The pine tree located in the village of Ankaya has become one of the most prominent landmarks of Bursa, as it is the largest perennial tree in Turkey, where its plantation dates back to the beginning of the Ottoman Empire and is surrounded by a café and a restaurant with panoramic views of the city of Bursa.

Bursa contains wonderful places, this article did not seek to enumerate or describe it accurately, the beauty of which made it compete with Istanbul and the rest of the big Turkish cities to attract investors who established their industrial, commercial and service projects, while others, led by Arab investors, chose to buy real estate on a stock exchange due to the availability of modern residential complexes Villas of an urban nature are in keeping with the nature of the city. Turkish construction companies are also rushing to launch their real estate projects due to the increasing demand for an area that provides all conditions of comfort and luxury for its residents.

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