Bodrum in Turkey ... get to know it

To the southwest of the country lies the white pearl of Turkey, the charming little town of Bodrum, and it is located exactly on what is known as the ancient porcelain bay or karmic bay among a number of beautiful green hills.

The history of this beautiful Turkish city dates back to the fifteenth century AD, when the Spartans occupied the site and built the city of Bodrum on the ruins of what was known as Halicarnassus as they built a castle in it, the castle of St. Peter, which was later seized by the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman I in 1522 AD

The name of Bodrum in the Turkish language means the underground bunker, and the reason for its name is also due to the presence of a large number of graves in it, and its location between the hills.

Bodrum is the birthplace of a number of famous Greek thinkers such as Herodotus, who documented the war that broke out between the Greeks and the Persians in order to control the bounties of this city.

Bodrum is currently part of the Turkish Riviera region and is famous for its historical sites, dreary weather, white houses, yacht facilities and community of artists residing in it.

The most important tourist attractions in Bodrum, Turkey:

The Turkish city of Bodrum has a large number of landmarks which are considered of the most important tourist places in Turkey and is the preferred destination for tourists in order to spend vacations. The number of visitors annually is approximately 1.5 million visitors, especially in the months of June and August

Fink Beach:This beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Bodrum, and is located in the Ortakent area and is distinguished for its many recreational activities such as water skiing and boat trips in addition to the presence of many restaurants that offer delicious fish dishes

Bodrum Museum of Maritime Archeology: This place is a paradise for fans who love to discover deep sea secrets from jewels and sunken relics, etc. The museum is located in the Palace of Saint Pierre and displays ancient marine relics recovered from the depths of the seas such as historical ships, jewelry and coins.

Bodrum Amphitheater: The history of the construction of the Bodrum Amphitheater and Theater dates back to the Hellenistic era in the fourth century B.C.

The amphitheater is located in the Bodrum Goktepe region and events and parties are held during the summer, which can accommodate about 13,000 people and includes a platform and a place for public seating and a place for orchestra

Midtown Shopping Center: This complex is one of the most famous shopping centers in Bodrum, as it includes famous international and local brands that include shoes, clothes, etc. The complex features a beautiful interior design as it contains many restaurants and cafes

Myndos Gate: One of the most prominent tourist attractions in Bodrum, located in the western part of the city and forms one of the entrances to the ancient city of Halicarnassus and the only remaining gate, was in the past part of the city wall and had three towers

Mausoleum of Halicarnassus: This shrine was built for King Musulas by his wife, Queen Artemisia, and it is considered a wonderful engineering and architectural shrine as it is considered one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, but it was destroyed in an earthquake, and then most of the monuments were used to build Halicarnassus Castle and the rest of the relics were transferred to The British Museum.

Bodrum Castle: It is the castle that was built by St. Peter, and is considered the most prominent landmark in the city and has turned into a fully functional museum and underwater archaeology museum, where this museum offers many activities including a nice Turkish bath located within the city and opportunities for surfing and diving and boating.

Real estate in Bodrum, Turkey:

Bodrum is one of the cities that does not come to mind directly when thinking about the issue of buying real estate in Turkey, but it is already witnessing a good demand from foreign investors who want to invest in the Turkish real estate market by owning a property in Bodrum

Bodrum has a great location for owning a property in Turkey, it has a sea view and owns many beautiful natural places, including tourism.

There are various types of property available in them, such as apartments, villas, buildings, lands, and luxury and upscale residential complexes

As for the matter of property prices in Bodrum, it is considered average, reasonable and suitable for most budgets.

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