Beylerbey Palace in Istanbul, Asia:

As a big open-air museum, the city of Istanbul in Turkey appears to be, as the incubator of history, beauty and home to the fascinating nature.

And it is not possible for those who visited this city not to relate to it and have a large space in their hearts and memory that is dedicated to it, because the city of Istanbul today is associated with many of us today with memories of our beautiful times

Just as we each have specific memorabilia that remind us of a specific place, time, and people in our lives, Istanbul is a city with a spirit that has many memories spanning hundreds of years in history and has memorabilia that reminds of the history of this great city

Which are the relics left by the civilizations and empires that followed this part of the earth, from buildings, markets, palaces, gardens, and many others.

One of the most important historical monuments, which is a basic memorial to the Ottoman Empire, the last empire that ruled Turkey is the Beylerbey Palace, which is one of the most important tourist places in Istanbul, Asia today.

Beylerbey Palace:

The Palace is located in Uskudar, on the Asian side of the city, which contains the most beautiful tourist places in Istanbul

The palace was built in the nineteenth century in the period between 1861-1876 by order of the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Aziz and was designed by the architect Sarkis Balian who blended several different architectural styles when designing this palace where he combined Islamic and Byzantine architecture in addition to the Ottoman identity, and this gave us one of the most beautiful and important architectural monuments in the world Today.

This palace was used as a summer residence for the Ottoman sultans, in addition to being used as a palace for the hospitality of world leaders, kings and politicians, as this palace hosted the Queen of France Eugene, the Duchess of Windsor, the Emperor of Austria and the Crown Prince of Italy

The Beylerbey Palace is characterized by creativity and skill in design, as it blended eastern and western architecture, as it depended on the eastern design from the inside and the western design from the outside.

This is in addition to the high level of sophistication that was followed in the interior of the palace in tiles, marble, engravings and furniture.

The sections of Beylerbey Palace:

The Beylerbey Palace contains approximately 26 rooms and two bathrooms, the first for men and the other for women, and 6 halls that were decorated with drawings and engravings that filled the ceilings. As for the floors, they were furnished with red carpets, in addition to many wonderful artistic paintings that were distributed throughout the palace and many archaeological vases, mirrors, lamps.

Among the inner sections of the palace, we also find the men section, the harem section, the admiral room, the lounge with the pool and the blue salon, in addition to the farm wing that was added to the interior section of the Palace during the reign of Sultan Mahmoud II, which is specific to horses

In the outer part of the palace there is a beautiful garden full of trees, statues, and many pools of water in addition to a number of statues, such as statues of lions that were placed on the door of the palace outside and statues of deer that we find in the palace garden

How to get to Beylerbey Palace in Istanbul, Asia?

You can go to the Beylerbey Palace in several ways, either from Taksim Square, by minibuses bearing the name Uskudar and get off at the Beylerbey Station, where the Palace is a 5-minute walk from the station

Or it can be reached by the metrobus by going to the station of the July 15 Martyrs Bridge (Bosporus Bridge) or by sea through ships that depart from the ports of the European section of Istanbul such as Besiktas and Eminonu and others.

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