Belgrade Forests the charm of nature in Istanbul:

Istanbul is linked to the minds of everyone inside and outside Turkey and in various countries of the world by being the cradle of civilizations, the capital of the world as Napoleon called it and the origin of the beauty of nature and its charm in its best forms in addition to its distinguished location between the old continent of Europe and the continent of Asia and its position on the most important waterways in the world which is the famous Bosporus strait, 

And the magic in Istanbul does not depend on the blue of its azure waters only, as the city enjoys a large spread of forests and gardens, and on large areas. 

And one of the most important natural tourist areas in Istanbul is the Belgrade forests.

Belgrade Forest is located 20 km from the city center and is close to the Thracian Peninsula and the Sisli and Kelius regions

can be reached in several ways:

Where you can go by taxi from any area of the city, or you can ride the metro starting from Yenikapi station and heading towards Haciosman station, which is the last station on the metro line

It can also be reached by sea by taking one of the ships departing from the Besiktas region towards the Sariyer port.

Belgrade's forests extend over 5,000 hectares and contain over 3000 different species of plants

Historically, the importance of these forests dates back to the sixteenth century, as they contain many water tanks, which are a complex system for fetching water and distributing it during that era. There are also traces of dams that were built in the same time period as well.

These forests contain hundreds of types of perennial trees, such as cypress, oak, etc. They are also a natural reserve that contains many animals and birds of various types, and among the trees you find a number of small lakes, waterfalls, and bridges.

As for the activities that can be carried out in the Belgrade forests in Istanbul, they are many and varied, including:

The Belgrade Forest is an ideal spot for hiking, relaxation and recreation among the most beautiful landscapes.

While wandering inside the Belgrade Forest Gardens in Istanbul, you can enjoy watching and photographing various species of animals, reptiles and wild birds such as ducks while swimming in the Lakes.

You can also enjoy hiking in 11 parks included in the forest area, and watch various and rare species of huge trees and dense plants.

You can also visit the Ataturk Arboretum in the Belgrade Forest in Istanbul, which houses a wide range of the rarest local and international plant species and roses of approximately 2000 species.

Also, when you visit Belgrade in Istanbul, you can get to know about the historical irrigation system used in it since the Byzantine era, that is, since the 16th century, which depends on huge water tanks used to irrigate the varieties of their plants in accordance with each species.

You can also go hiking or riding during the summer in the designated tracks, or camping and have a delicious meal in the fresh air.

The Belgrade forests in Istanbul contain seven clear lakes connected by bridges passing over the water, which are ideal for an additional dose of recreation, relaxation and enjoyment of the capturing nature.

In addition, there are a number of restaurants and cafes within the park, so you can sit in one of them and enjoy a delicious meal or a cup of warm tea in the arms of nature.

And when it comes to the topic of Istanbul properties in the areas surrounding the forests of Belgrade, we need to mention the Sariyer region which is the closest to Belgrade.

Sariyer region has the beauty of nature, climate and the architectural design of the houses in it, that is in addition to its distinctive location which makes it an excellent destination for buying properties in Istanbul and a good location for real estate investment  as well.

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