"Bahcesehir" ... The paradise for real estate investment in the new Istanbul

In every corner of the world there is a center and in Istanbul, Turkey its vital center is being constructed, yes, after a few years it will be "Bahcesehir" the amazing city and the beating heart of the new Istanbul, it will be the incubator of the largest projects in Turkey and the world, and buying a property or investing in it will be a dream that everyone wants!

The field outputs of the officials of the province of Istanbul in their different positions are not without recalling this idea, which dates back a decade or more, when the Turkish government's concerns went to the city of Bahcesehir of the municipality of Basaksehir located in the European side of Istanbul and adjacent to the banks of the Buyuk and Kucukcekmece lakes, or what is known as the big and the small lakes in Istanbul.

Bahcesehir... an open garden view

The search for the meaning of Bahcesehir in the Turkish dictionary leads you directly to the phrase "city of gardens" due to its natural and artificial lakes, valleys, wonderful green spaces, trees, lush gardens, small plateaus and hills distributed in every corner of the region, which made its name associated with all Turks and even tourists With fresh air, charming views, natural beauty and alluring heaven, the most prominent of which is the largest "Golet" park in the city with an area of 300 thousand square meters, where thousands visit annually to enjoy the splendor of landscapes and waterways, in addition to the largest artificial lake where on its banks the finest types of flowers and green spaces smooching stretching along sight interspersed with the sounds of birds and the charm of diverse animals, which place increased splendor and elegance.

The Golet Park also includes fountains and spaces for families and children equipped with the latest technology, and those who wish to take a break away from the hustle and bustle of cities will find their desired purpose in Bahcesehir Park.

And the garden of "Golet" is the most suitable place for family trips and friends' tours, as there is a chain of restaurants and cafes that mix their menus between the modernity of delicious dishes and their authenticity.

For the sports enthusiasts, the popular Bahcesehir Park is a convenient place where they find a private walkway in the park equipped with modern equipment and devices.

Lovers and newlyweds visit the park on a daily basis to take memorial photos in the green lap of nature near the commercial shopping area.

And Bahcesehir is also just a few kilometers away from the “Basaksehir National Park”, the largest botanical garden in Europe that contains about 6 thousand species of flowers, opened by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in late 2018 in the framework of the project “Greener Istanbul”

Below the article, you will find the most important residential projects in Bahcesehir.

Bahcesehir: infrastructure and transportation

The strategic location of Bahcesehir region has prompted officials to race against time to provide it with all the necessary facilities, especially transportation especially as the region’s concentration between Ataturk Airport, which will turn into the third largest beach park in the world, will be called the “People's Park” and the new Istanbul Airport was an important factor for establishing a subway line, which will play an important role in facilitating and accelerating the time to reach it by reducing it to a few minutes.

In this regard, excavations have recently started for the subway, which will connect the Esenyurt region, Bahcesehir, and the Spartakule to the Mahmutbey region. It will also reach the center of Istanbul, in the Sisli district which is Macidiyekoy with a length exceeding 16 km covering 9 stations, which reduces the travel time to it to 18 minutes. Just as it will be connected to the Marmaray metro line connecting the European side to the Asian side through an underground tunnel.

The Turkish government has also made great efforts in providing comfortable public transportation networks for citizens, tourists and new arrivals in the city who wants to purchase a property in Istanbul or those who have created investment projects.

And separates Bahcesehir from giant projects short distances, most notably the third Istanbul Bridge and the Istanbul Canal Project, or as it is called the era project, which will enhance Turkey's position in the field of water crossings by linking the Sea of Marmara to the Black Sea on the European side of Istanbul in order to reduce the movement of ships in the Bosporus and reduce The seriousness of the toxic materials emitted by the transporting ships, in addition to eliminating the random buildings spread along the path.

In addition to recreational areas, this huge project, which will cost 75 billion TL, will include two railway crossing points, two metro crossings, an underground tunnel and 7 road bridges similar to the D 100 road crossing.

The city of Bahçeşehir has easy access to its center via the E5 and TEM highways and its proximity to the most vital Basin Express Highway.

The Bahçeşehir region also contains a modern water refining and purification facility that provides large quantities of fresh water for irrigation of green areas, which ensures the sustainability of the city's water resources.

Bahcesehir .. Facilities and services

Bahçeşehir region guarantees to those who chose to live in it various and distinguished services that qualified it to win many awards from the Turkish Ministry of Environment and the European Union, and it also received the ISO 9001 Quality Control Certificate for its advanced and professional services.

The following are the most important facilities and services it provides:

Numerous parks and recreational centers, such as the Golet Park and Skate Park, which is dedicated for children to skate in a wonderful safe environment.

Many shopping centers, most notably "Akbati Mall", the most famous and largest mall in the region, as it includes many shops and international brands, in addition to cafes and restaurants, luxurious inside and outside the mall and the cinema hall.

Popular markets or what is known as "bazaars" among the most important of them is the Bahcesehir Bazaar, the largest market for selling vegetables and fresh fruits in addition to nuts and natural cheeses and the rest of the purposes that cover the needs of homes and it opens for visitors only one day per week.

A large number of educational facilities provide "local, Arab and international schools" that are distinguished by the quality of their services, and also contain the most popular and demanding university "Bahcesehir University".

Bahcesehir includes many health facilities between hospitals and clubs that offer discounts for residents of the region and private clinics with advanced treatment services in addition to a specialized German hospital.

Bahcesehir contains many mosques of authentic architectural style.

Bahcesehir... real estate attraction and profitable investment

Families constitute about 65% of the population of the Bahçaşehir region, because it is characterized by calmness and comfort and being one of the most urbanized and prosperous cities in order to provide a comfortable life, in addition to its wide organized streets. In the past few years, it has transformed from a mere area containing a group of villas in Istanbul and it attracts the wealthy Turks to spend holidays and vacations to the biggest areas that attract real estate investment by citizens and foreigners, especially after launching several huge real estate projects of high quality according to a unique engineering design in which the buildings permeate water complexes, lakes, gardens and green spaces.

And real estate projects allowed it to become one of the important residential metropolitan areas and a target for real estate investment for foreigners, which led to a rise in the price per square meter in it from 1000 liras to more than 5000 liras.

And the foreign investor, especially the Arab ones, met with various options regarding the region's projects, which vary between apartment complexes accompanied by the best service facilities and villa complexes with great views, in addition to the presence of residential complexes that include commercial stores and apartments with an office system.

The number of modern housing projects established in Bahcesehir has doubled in recent years, whether projects belonging to private Turkish companies or projects with a government guarantee, and thus the supply and demand ratio has doubled, making the real estate capital recovery period estimated at 15 years with an investment return estimated at 7 percent of the total price of the property.

Real estate experts believe that Bahcesehir is one of the most suitable and best places to live in Istanbul for those looking for a sophisticated lifestyle thanks to its projects, calmness, facilities and nature.

And a popular joy awaits many real estate investment opportunities that make it a pioneer in successful real estate investment projects in Turkey and most in demand by investors, especially the Arab countries.

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