Bagdat Street in Kadikoy ... the twin of Istiklal street in Taksim:

Bagdat Street on the Asian side of the city of Istanbul, is a street similar to the historical tourist and ancient Istiklal Street, which is located near the famous Taksim Square,

Bagdat Street is located in Kadikoy in the Asian Istanbul and extends over a distance of more than ten kilometers as it begins in Kadikoy and ends in the Maltepe region.


The date of the founding of Bagdat Street, or the date it was called by that name, dates back to the seventeenth century AD, when the Ottoman Sultan Murad IV seized the city of Baghdad in Iraq to become under the rule of the Ottoman Empire at that time,

This particular street was chosen as the icon to perpetuate this military victory, as it is the most important commercial street and military corridors in the city in that period.

Bagdat Street also extends along the sea coast and is today one of the most important tourist destinations in Istanbul.

Where dozens of shops spread on the street of the most important and finest and most famous international and Turkish clothing brands, in addition to a number of restaurants that belong to international chains as well or restaurants for the distinctive Turkish cuisine and famous Turkish sweets stores also a number of cafes as well.

As is the case with its counterpart in the European section of the city, Bagdat Street is also a center for celebrations, gatherings and private and public events.

There are a lot of activities to do in the Bagdat street in the Asian side of Istanbul city:

If you have the desire to know about history, then this ancient street, which was home to the wealthy class or as it is called "pashas" during the days of Sultan Abdul Hamid II, still includes the remains of ancient palaces, which were mostly converted to restaurants or stores.

You can also do a cycling experience on the Sea of Marmara Beach line where you enjoy inhaling the fresh air in the company of friends. If you love reading and calm, you can sit on one of the benches in front of the beach and enjoy the beauty of clear waters and an amazing calm atmosphere.

Also,enjoy the shopping experience on Bagdat Street, as the street is called the Fashion Street, and as we mentioned, there are a number of famous brands and shopping centers on the street that provide you with everything that comes to mind from clothes, shoes, souvenirs, antiques and many more.

Bagdat Street spans several kilometers, so sit under the trees that are scattered on both sides of the street. You can also visit the most important tourist attractions near Bagdat Street in Istanbul, such as visiting the most beautiful Asian gardens in Istanbul, Liberty Park in Istanbul. You can have moments full of entertainment in Bostanci Lunapark. Or visit the Toy Museum in Istanbul, or enjoy the clear waters on the very beach of Bustan in Istanbul.

The street can be reached from Taksim Square by minibus or Dolmus buses that bear the name (Taksim-Bustanci) and get off at Bagdat Street

It is also possible to go from the Eminonu area by ferry to Kadikoy in the Asian section and walk 5 minutes to reach Bagdat Street.

Real estate in Asian Istanbul:

Asian Istanbul has a warm and comfortable public climate and a calm atmosphere in addition to the beautiful and charming nature, and houses are distinguished

The homes in the region have high-end designs inside and outside and many luxury residential complexes are spread today and are also a good site for buying villas in Istanbul

As for the prices of Istanbul properties in the Asian part of the city, it ranges from medium to high, especially in areas close to important tourist attractions.

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