Aviation Museum in Istanbul... a unique experience

It is well known that Istanbul is the undisputed city of museums, and among the dozens of museums that exist in the city of Istanbul, you must have heard about the Aviation Museum in Istanbul and those who have not heard about it. This article is about it.

Establishment of the Aviation Museum in Istanbul:

The Aviation Museum was established in Istanbul after the end of the First World War, as a number of German planes left by the Germans dating back to 1912 AD were discovered.

Because of this, the leadership of the Turkish Air Force decided to establish a flying museum to display the remnants of war consisting of German and other aircraft.

Initially, the place was a small museum to display these planes, and then with the outbreak of the War of Independence, these planes were transferred to the Kartal Maltepe area in the Asian part of Istanbul, with a view to protecting them from any damage that might be caused to them as a result of the war,

The idea of an aviation museum reappeared again in the year 1960 AD to build the museum at that time in Izmir in 1971, but this museum did not witness the required turnout from visitors due to its distance from Istanbul, the first tourism center in the country, so it was moved and returned to Istanbul in 1978, to be its new and final location near the Air Force Academy in Istanbul

The process of building the Aviation Museum in Istanbul was completed in 1983 and with the help of experts and engineers, the museum was opened to visitors on October 16, 1985.

Sections of the Aviation Museum in Istanbul:

This museum is a former military base that has been transformed by the Turkish Air Force into a flying museum and it is based on a land area of 65 thousand square meters and all types of aircraft are displayed in it such as military aircraft, helicopters, hovercraft and jet planes.

The museum also displays samples of the defense systems that the Turkish Air Force used to use in addition to a number of civil aircraft and a number of exhibits dating back to the Ottoman era.

The Aviation Museum in Istanbul consists of three sections: a closed section, the other is open and an entertainment section:

Closed section of the museum:

The closed section of the Aviation Museum in Istanbul includes a large hall, in which some symbolic images belonging to the Turkish Air Force are exhibited, including the recommendations of senior commanders and bronze medals of some officers in addition to their biographies.

In the closed section of the museum there is also a cinema hall dedicated to its screenings of documentaries related to aviation, types of aircraft and information on how to use them.

There is also a fashion showroom for the first Ottoman air officers and their appeals, as well as the dress that was worn by the first Turkish air martyr, "Fathi Bey", in addition to a large number of holdings that contain historical value.

There is also a special section in which weapons are displayed where there are large quantities of small weapons that were used by pilots and large weapons such as missiles, and the closed section includes a conference hall.

The open section:

As for this section or the open square of the Aviation Museum in Istanbul, it is a museum that was created in the open air, in which more than 19 jet fighters, 7 helicopters, land and air transport planes, warplanes, some maps of wars and radar are displayed.

Entertainment section:

The Aviation Museum also contains a cafeteria where some drinks and snacks are served

The museum also contains a souvenir shop, including toys, airplanes, books on aviation, and others

It is worth noting that all the information attached to the exhibits related to Turkish aircraft and pilots and the history of aviation in Turkey in this museum is written in Turkish and English for the visitors of the museum from foreigners.

The Istanbul Aviation Museum location:

The Aviation Museum is located in Istanbul, in the Bakirkoy district, in the neighborhood of Yeşilköy.

You can go to it by the metro going from Sirkeci station to Yesilkoy where the museum is located

Or you can go to it via the metro line from Yenikapi or the metrobus and get off at Yenibosna station, then you can reach the museum by taxi

The Aviation Museum opens its doors to visitors every day from nine in the morning until five in the evening, except for Monday every week.

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