Ankara city the capital of the Turkish Republic

We hear about Turkey a lot and most of us have visited it at least once and some of us stay in one of its cities permanently today.

Some people attend it for entertainment and others to study or work, as it is the first destination for students from different countries

It is also the preferred destination for businessmen and foreign investors who wish to invest in various fields, the most important of which is the field of real estate in Turkey, which is today the most preferred and most important field of business for the Turkish economy.

Whatever your goal is in Turkey, you must know at least that the country's capital is the city of Ankara, but how much do you know this city?

Let's get to know more about Ankara, the capital of Turkey, in this article.

Turkish city of Ankara:

It is known that the city of Ankara is the capital of the Turkish Republic, and it has become so since October 23, 1932.

Ankara is located in the center of Anatolia to the north of the country, and it is the second largest city in terms of population after Istanbul, where most of the city's residents work in services, and among its most important products are mohair made from angora goat hair, and angora wool made from an Angora rabbit, and these products are issued to Europe due to the great demand for them in the European market.

And unlike Istanbul, Ankara does not rely heavily on tourism in Turkey as a source of income.

As the official and political capital of Turkey, the city of Ankara includes government facilities, such as the Prime Minister’s building, various ministries and parliament, the presidential palace “Cankaya” in which 11 Turkish presidents have lived since the era of Ataturk, and the new presidential palace “Ak Saray” (White Palace) that opened during the era of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in 2014.

History of Ankara city in Turkey:

It is believed that the word "Ankara" comes from the term “Angora”, a name chosen by the Phrygians for this part of the world when they ruled it for thousands of years.

Later, during the era of the Greeks, the city witnessed a great expansion and formed a point of trade for goods between the Black Sea region, Anatolia, the Levant, Persia, and Armenia.

During the Byzantine Empire, it became the second capital of the empire, in the fourth century AD, as it was a resort for emperors.

In the time of the Ottoman rule, the city of Ankara maintained its position and its importance due to the importance of its location in the Anatolian region.

It is also said that the shrine of the famous Arab poet Imru Al Qais is located in the Turkish city of Ankara.

The most important landmarks of Ankara city in Turkey:

Being the capital of the country and one of the most important cities in Turkey for hundreds of years, Ankara includes many important tourist and monuments such as the Roman Pillars Road, the Roman Theater, the historic Ankara Cathedral and the Temple of Rome, the Atakule Tower and hundreds of Ottoman mosques such as Aladdin Mosque and Haji Bayram Mosque, and more than 50 museums from among them are the Ethnic Museum and the Independence War Museum. And of

the most important landmarks in Ankara:

Roman Bath Museum: It includes the ruins of the Roman Bath Complex and is located near the Ulus region, and it was built during the reign of the Roman Emperor "Caracalla" in the third century AD. This museum contains a hot water room, a warm water room, a cold-water room, and also includes a place for exercise and physical education, wrestling, track, and swimming pool.

Ankara Castle: It is believed that the date of its construction dates back to about 3000 years, and its walls were built during the reign of the Byzantine Emperor Michael II and it contains within it an inhabited village.

Ataturk Mausoleum: On an area of more than 700,000 square meters, a national museum was built in the spot that houses the remains of the founder of the Turkish Republic, Kemal Ataturk, and it includes four sections: the Black Road, the Celebrations Square, and the Hall of Honor which contains the Ataturk Mausoleum and the Peace Park. The museum also contains some personal baggage and official cars of Ataturk.

Anatolian Civilizations Museum: This museum displays a rare collection of relics and artifacts that belong to many civilizations erected in the Anatolia region from the ancient Stone Age to the present day. Antiques are displayed in this museum according to the correct chronological dates of the history of civilizations. It is located in the Ulus region, south of the Ankara Palace.

Kentpark Mall: It is a huge commercial complex located in the Cankaya area and has a beautiful exterior design and includes inside it a number of international and local shops, restaurants and cafes, and a cinema hall.

The city of Ankara is also an important educational destination in the country and contains many important Turkish universities in the country and the world level, among them the Ankara State University, Gazi University and Middle East Technical University, among others.

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