All the details about the real estate residence in Turkey

As a businessman or a foreign investor thinking about investing in the Turkish real estate market, you must want to stay in this country legally and appropriately in order to manage your business easily and without problems.

And if your goal of purchasing a property in Turkey is to settle down and live in it, you must want to live in it in a legal way as well.

In general, when it comes to real estate in Turkey, most tend to buy apartments in Istanbul, being the economic capital of the country and the largest and most important city in Turkey.

When thinking about staying in it or in any of the other Turkish cities with the aim of working and investing, you need to know the type of residence papers in Turkey that are appropriate for you and your situation.

There is in Turkey what is called real estate residence or ownership residence and it is a form of tourist residence in Turkey, but with a few differences in certain matters we will discuss in the following article.

Real estate residence in Turkey:

The interest in real estate in Turkey has increased due to the increase in foreign investors who want to own properties in Turkey and invest in it, and the demand for it has increased in recent years due to the Turkish government's decisions regarding foreign ownership of properties, especially the Turkish Citizenship Law, which enables people who buy a property in Turkey that worth 250 thousand dollars to obtain the Turkish citizenship.

A real estate residence is a type of short-term residence granted to someone who owns property or immovable property in Turkey, and the property must be a residential home and used by the applicant for housing. In the case that the applicant's family resides with him on the same property, these family members will also obtain a residence permit.

The real estate residence period is a maximum of two years, and it is extendable.

The papers necessary for obtaining real estate residence in Turkey:

The steps for submitting an application for real estate residency in Turkey are somewhat similar to those required for tourist residency, and the documents required for real estate residency are divided into two parts:

Papers required from the property owner, buyer, and family members

Residence request form signed by the applicant or his legal representative

A valid or regular passport or travel document

A copy of the passport or travel document and the pages containing the information of the applicant, the passport number or the document, the date of issuance and expiration of the passport or the document in addition to the entry and visa stamp.

A tax number, which you can get from the tax office

4 colored personal photos with white background

A valid health insurance that covers the entire length of stay, knowing that children under the age of 18 and the elderly over the age of 65 do not need health insurance

The required documents from the property owner only:

The original title deed document, with a copy of it certified by a notary.

A document related to the building and real estate numbering board, extracted from the municipality to which the property location is affiliated

Earthquake Insurance Policy (DASK) is a kind of compulsory insurance you can get with any insurance company.

In case that the applicant for real estate residency in Turkey did not exceed the age of 18 after, then the documents required from him are:

A copy of the family book or the production of a family record translated by a sworn translator and then certified by a notary.

Residence deed issued by the Department of Personal status, affiliated with the place of residence

It must be noted within the form submitted for the residence request in this case that the applicant is a minor or under the legal age and the parents or guardian of the applicant can sign for him.

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