All about residence in Turkey and how to obtain it:

Turkey has attracted huge numbers of foreign arrivals in the past few years due to several factors, the most important of which is that the various Turkish cities are preferred tourist destinations for tourists from different countries of the world, and the rate of foreign businessmen and investors wishing to enter Turkey's business markets in various fields has increased as well. This increased demand for the country came thanks to a series of development projects carried out by the Turkish government, which strengthened the country's infrastructure and put it in a row with the most important countries in the world

In addition to the decisions issued by the government concerning investors and foreign investment in Turkey, which provided many facilities for them.

On the other hand, the regional conditions and the problems taking place in the countries neighboring Turkey contributed to increasing the flow of those wishing to settle and live in it, whether to escape wars or search for better life opportunities,

In other words, Turkey today is at the top of the list of countries that is wished to be visited or resided in by many, so,

What are the types of residence in Turkey and which of them suit every situation and how can they be obtained?

Tourist residence:

An appointment is reserved online to apply for a tourist residence in Turkey through the official website of the relevant government agency

Usually, tourist residency is granted for a period of one year, and to obtain it, it is required to bring the place of residence in Turkey through a rental contract, for example.

Then you submit the complete papers to the administrative employee to get a temporary paper which enables you to legally move in the country until receiving the residence, after about a month from the date you receive this temporary document

As for the papers and documents required to obtain the tourist residence, they are:

A valid and certified passport

Health insurance (sigorta)

The tax number obtained from the tax office

Work residence:

This type of residence in Turkey is intended for foreign employees in Turkish companies

As the company applying to employ the foreigner applies for a work permit from the Ministry of Labor at the beginning, then extracting the work permit

As for the conditions for obtaining it, they include that the company employs 5 Turks in exchange for the foreign employee and that the employee owns a tourist residence before applying for work residence

For every foreign employee, and he must obtain a tourist residency before applying to the Ministry of Labor,

It takes about 40 days to obtain a work permit.

Permanent residence:

Long-term or permanent residence in Turkey is granted to foreigners residing in Turkey for 8 continuous years without interruption and who meet the conditions for obtaining it and it is granted by the offices of the Ministry of Foreigners in each of the Turkish cities

It is worth noting that the permanent residence in Turkey is not granted to refugees and those with temporary protection documents.

Real estate residence:

This residence is for the investors in the market of real estate in Turkey and those who own a property or an apartment in Turkey and this residence is granted for a year, and the family of its holder is also entitled to it.

And the method of obtaining it is similar to the method of obtaining tourist residency in Turkey and requires the same conditions and papers in addition to the proof of ownership of a property in Turkey by its holder.

It is worth noting in this context that the number of foreigners who own properties in Turkey has increased significantly in the recent period, according to local and international statistics.

Other types of residence in Turkey:

In addition to the aforementioned types, there are other forms of documents that make the presence of foreigners legally on Turkish land, the most important of which are the human residency and temporary protection documents for refugees, student residence and family residence.

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