Advantages of Tourism in Turkey:

Today Turkey is considered one of the most important tourist areas and it is visited by tourists from different countries of the world.

Visiting Turkey for the purpose of tourism is not limited to one season or a specific period of the year or even a specific region of the country, as all Turkish cities from the far south to the far north and throughout the year are considered to be among the most important and most beautiful tourist areas in the world.

When we talk about tourism in Turkey, we have to look at a broader and more comprehensive picture because tourism in a country like Turkey has many facets as tourists come to it for many different reasons and purposes, whether for investment in the market of real estate in Turkey or for surgery or cosmetic surgery or any of the available medical services where this is known as medical tourism in Turkey, which has witnessed remarkable prosperity in recent years.

What are the things that make tourism in Turkey so special and a dream for many?

In the past few years, the Turkish government has put its focus on projects that contribute to promoting tourism and increasing the proportions of tourists in Turkey. In order to achieve these things, the country has witnessed a strong movement with regard to projects to improve and develop infrastructure in particular transportation, tourism and service facilities, in addition to that, the government has also enacted laws to make investment in Turkey less complicated and therefore more interesting to investors.

These wise and smart moves and decisions played a significant role in increasing the rates of tourists in Turkey and attracting them in all seasons, whatever the purpose of their visit.

But one may consider today, is tourism in Turkey safe?

In view of the difficult circumstances that Turkey experienced in terms of security and economic aspects, which it was able to overcome them with all the difficulties and crises that resulted from it, the issue of tourism in Turkey was not affected much or as expected. And the best evidence for this is the number of tourists who visited Turkey for various purposes in the year 2018, which amounted to 40 million tourists throughout the year.

When you consider visiting Turkey, whether to explore the tourist sites in Turkey or to buy a property in Turkey, you will be puzzled about the places and cities that you must go to.

In fact, every spot in Turkey has its share of magic and beauty, but there are certain cities and places that you must pass during your visit to Turkey in order to get the journey of a lifetime and return to your homeland with beautiful unforgettable memories, such as Istanbul, the city of legendary magic encircled by the sea and the witness to the establishment and the demise of the greatest empires in history, and do not miss the experience of hot air balloon flying over the city of Cappadocia with its distinctive mountain nature, and you can’t leave Turkey without resting in the most important resorts in Antalya and many other areas with landscapes that captures you such as the city of Trabzon and its charming lake Uzungol.

Another tourist area that deserves a visit in Turkey as well is Fethiye, where you will relax in the arms of nature.

Everyone dreams about the journey of a lifetime that is filled with interesting adventures and beautiful and unforgettable moments, in a place where all forms of beauty meet in the most beautiful sense, whether you are a lover of nature and its secrets, or a lover of history and civilizations, or even if you are one of those who prefer to have a modern holiday where all the reasons of today’s Convenience and enjoyment are available, then Turkey is the destination that you are looking for.

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