Abant lake... Tourism in Turkey

With the advent of winter, the snow season many people start to think about a destination to spend a special time in which they feel the atmosphere and rituals of the beautiful winter.

Of course, Turkey is the destination that you are looking for, as it is with the privilege of the country of tourism in all seasons and incubating the distinct times that live rare times in life,

There are many winter tourist regions in Turkey, such as:


which is one of the most beautiful places near Istanbul, and it is located between the Goksu and Yesilcay rivers. It is famous for waterfalls, and its flat ground is a beautiful place for hiking and walking.


It is located in Beykoz, Istanbul, 20 km from the Black Sea coast and 15 km from the Bosphorus Beach in Istanbul


Kartepe is located on top of a mountain with a height of 1650 meters. It is just an hour and a quarter away from Istanbul, and can be reached by city bus. It has a ski center,

Kartal Kaya

It has one of the most important ski centers in Turkey, snowboard located in the area west of the village of Deniz, southeast of the city of Bolu, on the mountains of Turkey


The best place for winter sports. It comes at the forefront of winter tourism places in Turkey and offers the possibility of skiing over four months of the year, located 32 km south of Bursa. It has 11 ski slopes with a capacity of 10,000.

And one of the most important tourist areas in Turkey in winter as well as in summer is the charming Abant Lake.

Abant Lake in Turkey:

Abant Lake is located in Turkey in the southwest of the state of Bolu located in the middle of Turkey between both the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara, about 280 km from Istanbul.

The length of the Abant Lake is 900 meters, the deepest part reaches up to 18 meters, and rises 1328 meters from the sea. The most beautiful feature of Abant Lake is the growth of white and yellow water mercury flowers in a section of it with an area of 1.5 square kilometers.

One of the most important tourist sites surrounding it is the Abant Park, which is decorated with pine trees, oaks and beeches, and it is characterized by enchanting beauty and a picturesque nature that provides an atmosphere of relaxation and delight.

The Abant Nature Park hosts approximately 350,000 tourists annually, and the area contains a visitor identification center, with mummified statues of wild forest animals.

There are also strawberry, and willow trees in addition to a group of animals, such as deer, rabbits, and many others, to make the area more like a nature reserve.

In the vicinity of the Turkish Abant Lake and in the Abant Park, many enjoyable activities can be carried out with family and friends, including:

Hiking around the lake, you can use a bicycle, riding a horse or ride a horse carriage.

You can also climb the Abant heights to enjoy the breathtaking view from above.

It is worth noting that in this region different types of animals, such as deer, wild boars and birds, in addition to bears and foxes, but it is difficult to see these animals by the lake.

It is also possible in Abant Lake to buy the products of the people of the area, from butter, cheese, honey, beans and various types of fresh and dried fruits and fresh vegetables from the surrounding local markets.

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