6 reasons why you want to own a property in Turkey:

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

property in Turkey
property in Turkey

It's known that in the last decade Turkey has been the first destination for foreign tourists and investors to buy properties in the different Turkish cities, this remarkable heading toward the market of real estate in Turkey had probably make you think about the reasons behind it, and if you should consider getting your own property in Turkey too.

So, let’s tell why you should buy property in Turkey:

The general climate:

When we say the general climate of a country, we mean many different sides that include this country’s nature, demographic composition, the facilities and features that characterize it. And when it comes to Turkey, it is a really beautiful country from so many different perspectives because it has an amazing and a breath-taking nature which varies from one city to the other in it and this makes it even more special, that’s in addition to the cultural diversity and the warm and welcoming. Just think about having a non-ending vacation for the rest of your life, this is exactly what it is like to live in Turkey. 

Low cost of living and the convenient prices of the properties:

As a developed country with sophisticated facilities living in Turkey costs way less than other countries that may not be more advanced or developed.

And if we compare products prices in Turkey with the prices in Europe for example, you’ll notice a big difference for the same quality.

 The same thing when we talk about Turkey real estate market, it can be easily noticed how that the prices of the properties are kind of overrated in Europe if compared to properties in Turkey, especially as you can get a good apartment for example with many features and at a vital location with a really convenient and low cost.

The easy access:

Getting to and from Turkey is so easy and that’s by the different transportations, and whether you’re coming by air, sea or land you’ll find so many options to choose from and which are all excellent and well serviced.

Another point in the matter of easy access the fact that the paper work and the documents needed to inter and accommodate at Turkey are simple and easy to issue, especially with the presence of a big number of touristic companies in Turkey that can help you in such matters.

Easy purchasing process and related laws:

During the last decade the Turkish government has made sure to get rid of all the unnecessary laws and steps that makes property purchasing process complicated and need a long time to be completed especially for foreign buyers and investors and that’s from choosing the property and until the title deed signing. That's in addition to the fact that there is no inheritance tax policy in Turkey and an ability for a full ownership.

The Turkish citizenship:

In order to encourage foreign investment in Turkey especially in the field of real estate the Turkish state had obliged a number of laws in the matter of obtaining the Turkish citizenship for foreign investors, and today an investor can obtain the citizenship buy purchasing a property with a price value of 250,000 dollars only.

And it’s worth mentioning that the Turkish passport is one of the strongest traveling documents in the world.

Investment in Turkey:

Recently everybody wants to invest in Turkey, but why?

Let's tell you, in the last few years a big number of infrastructural and construction projects have been held in all across Turkey especially in the city of Istanbul which has witnessed a remarkable construction movement that opened the doors for more investments, and as we’ve mentioned earlier that the Turkish government has provided many facilities to bring more foreign investors,

In other words, investment in Turkey especially in the real estate markets means: high and stable profits, an ability to a bigger investment, low taxes and fees and less complicated steps, not to mention the high number of tourists that attends it every year which means a large base of guaranteed customers for you.

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