Have you been to Istanbul Snow Park?

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Istanbul Snow Park
Istanbul Snow Park

No matter what you are looking for in Istanbul you’ll find it, as it is a city rich in all the terms of life basics.

Istanbul is where the opposites meet, as it is the cradle of civilizations, history, home of modernity and development, has the magic of nature with its stillness, and the overcrowding of the city and its noise.

It is intended by visitors from different countries for many different purposes, but the most prominent is its features and tourist facilities, which are considered of the most important tourist places in Turkey in general.

On the other hand, the city of Istanbul contains a huge number of museums of various types, including historical, cultural, war, international and local museums in addition to entertainment. From these museums we chose today the Istanbul Ice Museum.

This Ice museum is one of the most important modern museums in the city of Istanbul and is unique in the level of Turkey and the world, as there are similar museums in a few cities around the world, which makes it an important tourist destination and must visit when visiting Istanbul.

The location of the museum and its opening date

The museum is located in a building belonging to Forum Istanbul Mall located in Kocatepe area near the Bayrampasa area

This Ice museum was opened in 2010 and was built on an area of 1400 square meters at a very high cost, and its temperature is 5 degrees Celsius below zero in all seasons of the year, regardless of the temperature outside.

Museum sections and contents

Of course, due to the low temperature of the place the visitors are provided with special coats before entering to tour the Ice Museum with comfort, 

The museum which consists of two sections have been all made of ice, including the floor and walls

The first section is the Vikings section, which provides an explanation of information about the Vikings who lived in the Nordic countries of northern Europe and include the countries of Sweden, Norway and Denmark today.

These explanations or information are carved on ice sheets located next to the ice figures representing the Vikings and their lifestyle

The second section features sculptures and statues about the Scandinavian nature, as well as water shows and a bar to serve iced fruit juice.

The museum also contains models of boats made of ice, which reaches a length of about 8 meters, in addition to a range of many and various other ice figures.

How to get to the museum:

The Ice Museum is easily accessible by metro from Yeni Kapi Station where Forum Mall is located at Kocatepe Station.

It is also accessible by bus from the famous Taksim Square.

If your visit to the Ice Museum is part of a business trip to establish an investment and enter the market of real estate in Turkey, the area where the museum and the surrounding areas such as Bayrampasa and Zeytinburnu, for example, are very good areas to own a property in Istanbul regardless of its purpose, whether for stability or investment.

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