Nistantasi the celebrities’ neighborhood in Istanbul

Updated: Dec 13, 2019


Nisantasi is the most famous district of Istanbul and is located in Sisli, the city's first commercial center.

The history of Nisantasi district

This neighborhood, with its buildings and historical monuments, dates back to the 19th century and is one of the monuments of Sultan Abdul Majid I.

Nisantasi has a western oriental character at the same time, where its building designs adopt the Western Baroque architecture style

However, the Eastern identity still appears in its historical features, including:

Tasvikiye Mosque and the stone obelisks which were used as archery targets, and from which comes the name of the neighborhood where the word Nisantasi in Turkish means shooting stones.

Since the construction of the neighborhood of hundreds of years it was inhabited by the elite of society and this is still the case to this day, and where in it spread many important headquarters such as the police station and university campuses and old schools in addition to the most important and most luxurious brands of international clothing brands.

An overview of the neighborhood

As for the living and real estate in the Nisantasi neighborhood, due to its place and its historical and tourist importance, it is considered one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the city, i.e. the prices of apartments in it is the most expensive, but the demand on apartments in Istanbul in Nistantasi is still high especially by visitors and foreign investors, whether the motive is the love to live in a neighborhood that holds the identity of Istanbul with a great deal of luxury and sophistication, or it is for the purpose of investment in one of the most important tourist places in Istanbul.

In general, the apartments in Nisantasi are characterized by luxurious construction, open spaces and modern interior design, in addition to being a strategic location where the neighborhood is located near the most important and historic neighborhoods of the city such as Osmanbey and Harbiye and Taksim Square,it is also close to the Bosporus strait.

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