What are the advantages of investing in Turkey?

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

investing in Turkey
investing in Turkey

When you think about Turkey today, certain qualities arise in your mind and you find yourself thinking about a mixture between historical heritage and modern lifestyle today.

And anywhere else, you can witness such harmony between these two attributes.

But what distinguishes real estate investment in Turkey?

First - the distinguished location and tourism:

Turkey has an important location on the most important seas and straits in the world, which connects the East with the West, which gives it a distinctive and varied nature.

It also has one of the strongest and most balanced economies in the world, and the Turkish economy has witnessed rapid growth in the past years, making it the second fastest growing economy in the world after the Chinese economy.

And for these reasons, Turkey is considered one of the best tourist places in the world, as it is visited by tourists from all over the world to return to their country, fascinated by its unique nature and its historical effects scattered throughout the Turkish cities.

Second- The large area and population density:

The vast geographical area over which Turkey extends gives it a great diversity in terms of climate, natural sites and historical monuments in addition to cultural diversity.

Also, its huge population gives it a strong infrastructure that plays a fundamental role in the process of paving the way for investors and their investments in the country as population density means an increase in the labor force and an increase in the numbers of consumers, and this means an almost guaranteed success for investment in any field.

Third - The diversity of real estate investment options in Turkey, which include:

Buying properties in projects under construction that are located in vital areas to sell when the project is completed, in order to benefit from the price difference of the property, which rises significantly at the end of construction and finishing in it, which means a guaranteed profit for the property owner.

Buying land to build on it provides the freedom for the investor to choose the investment that is best for him and that is appropriate to his budget, preferably when embarking on it. Choosing a land that has an ideal location taking into account the issue of organizational plans in consideration.

Buying apartments in Turkey within complete housing projects, complexes, offices, commercial stores or compounds that support the hotel apartments system, for later rental, which means a high fixed and guaranteed profit for the investor without risk

All these and other factors encouraged businessmen and foreign investors to invest in Turkey.

In the past few years, these investors have focused particularly on the Turkish real estate market, and foreign investors have gone to buy properties in various cities, but the highest percentage of purchases were for properties and apartments in Istanbul, where the largest number of these purchases were recorded by foreign investors and their options have varied between apartments, villas, offices and other properties.

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