The city of Trabzon, the most important ports of Turkey on the Black Sea:

Updated: Dec 13, 2019


To the north-east of Turkey on the Black Sea coast lies the city of Trabzon, the most important ports of the country, like any other Turkish city, the importance of Trabzon in the region is not limited to the present time alone as It was also important for the Byzantine, Roman, and then Ottoman civilizations.

Overview on the city and its nature:

Trabzon is located on a green plain surrounded by two valleys and retains to today the features of the Roman archaeological port at the base of this plain, while the rest of the city is surrounded by a wall that dates back to the Byzantine era.

The nature of Trabzon is characterized by the proliferation of forests and evergreen trees dense, which gives it a beautiful and charming climate in all seasons of the year.

What are the most important activities to do when visiting Trabzon?

The city of Trabzon has a number of destinations, which is one of the most important tourist sites in Turkey, and which varies between historical monuments, recreational facilities and natural resorts, including:

Uzungol Village: The village is located in a valley surrounded by highlands and green hills and in between them lays by the famous Lake of Uzungol where the clear blue lake water with the greenery surrounding it creates one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. 

Visiting Uzungol and having breakfast on the edge of the lake is one of the most important activities to do when visiting Trabzon.

Soumela Monastery: One of the most important features of this monastery is its location on a slope of more than 1000 m high.

Its construction dates back to the year 386 AD by priests who believed that the Virgin Mary was living in the site of the monastery today, and it is consiered one of the most important historical treasures in Turkey because of its location and the beauty of its architecture.

Citadel of Trabzon: Built during the Byzantine era to 2000 BC and consists of three fortifications, the first fort is the foundation stone of the castle and then the other two fortresses were built by Alexios II and one of its gates bears the seal of the Ottoman Sultan Mehmet II.

Cal cave: The cave is located in one of the mountains of the village of Cal and is the second longest cave in the world, where the length of it is nearly 8 km, and visitors are allowed to roam in the first kilometer of the cave only, one of the most important characteristics of the cave Cal is a pure airway it has and which helps in the treatment of asthma symptoms and dyspnea in general.

Economy of Trabzon:

The city of Trabzon is an important commercial center in Turkey and is the most important ports on the Black Sea, and exports many products such as tobacco and food, in addition to its tourist importance as well.

As for Trabzon real estate, it is not in the forefront of attracting foreign investors who want to invest in Turkey real estate market unlike Istanbul real estate, for example, but the numbers of purchases of properties and apartments in Trabzon rise over time, as some prefer to settle in a city with a quiet nature like it.

And  it is an excellent choice for real estate investment being one of the most important tourist attractions in Turkey.

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