The city of Sapanca...The best winter tourist destinations in Turkey:

Updated: Dec 13, 2019


Some may consider that travel and excursions and holiday time is limited to the seasons of the year with a warm climate and that enjoyment and relaxation is all about lying on the sands of the seaside under the sun. 

Of course this is not the case today, looking for the many of the tourist trips which are organized for the winter holidays, such as New Year's celebrations. 

Turkey is a favorite destination and an excellent choice for a warm and beautiful winter holiday with family and friends,

There are the most beautiful tourist places in Turkey that are increasingly charming in the season of snow and hot chocolate, and the most important of which is the city of Sapanca, which is one of the most important tourist destinations in Turkey in all seasons of the year.

Location of the city of Sapanca

Sapanca is located in the district of Sakarya, close to the Asian section of the city of Istanbul, where it is about 150 km away, so it is a destination for tourists living in Istanbul because of its proximity and accessibility, in addition to its proximity to Sabiha International Airport.

Sapanca has a picturesque nature and a mild and pleasant climate

It is also Spread by parks, forests and natural sites of plains, mountains and lakes, making it an ideal destination for a relaxing holiday and enjoy unforgettable times in one of the most beautiful parts of the world.

The most important tourist places in Sapanca

There are many tourist sites in the city of Sapanca in Turkey, all of which are distinctive and must be visited, the most important of which are:

Lake Sapanca: one of the most famous lakes in Turkey, located in the area between Izmit Bay and Adapazari region, where it is about 130 km from Istanbul, and the area of the lake is about 45 square meters, and it is a lake with fresh water up to a depth of more than 52 m, which is surrounded by a range of picturesque mountains, and is the largest lakes located near the city of Istanbul

it can be reached by booking a trip by car or by train, .

Kartepe mountain: Mount Kartepe is located in the eastern region of Kocaeli Bay, one of the areas of capturing nature and can be reached by chairlift, and it is one of the most important destinations for ski lovers in winter

Darica Zoo: Darica is one of the most important places to attract tourists to the city of Sapanca, the largest zoo in the vicinity of Istanbul, where it contains nearly two hundred different species of animals, in addition to the presence of a large number of rare plants, it is possible to see many animals Mammals and reptiles, in addition to the presence of more than ten species of fish with the presence of more than a hundred species of the strangest birds in the world.

Maşukiye Village: This village is located to the north of Lake Sapanca and is one of the most beautiful places of rural nature in Turkey, which still retains the beauty of pure nature, which was not affected by the factors of development and civilization today.

This village is characterized by orchards that are spread all over, in addition to the presence of forests and natural waterfalls, and this village is famous for delicious seafood that are served in many restaurants scattered there.

Activities that can be done in Sapanca in winter

In winter, temperatures in the city of Sapanca reach several degrees Celsius below zero and the mountains and hills surrounding it are covered with white snow, especially Mount Kartepe, which means in the Turkish language the peak of snow

At this time of year you can enjoy various activities in Sapanca such as snow skiing, chairlift rides up to the top of the mountain and enjoy the city and the snow-capped mountain view.

Some may prefer mountaineering while others want to relax in a resort on the edge of Lake Sapanca.

Is buying a property in Sapanca is a good choice?

Sapanca may not be a powerful option for a foreign investor who wants to invest in Turkey's real estate market or even for families or people thinking of owning a home in it.

However, it is one of the sites that can be considered as a smart choice for investment in the case a good plan and the possibilities are provided, as it is a tourist destination heavily intended by tourists from different countries of the world

On the other hand, owning a villa in Turkey in a city like Sapanca is the best choice for those who want to own a place for annual holidays.

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