Istanbul Modern Art Museum:

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Istanbul Modern Art Museum
Istanbul Modern Art Museum

When we hear the name of Istanbul, the first thing that comes to our mind is the historical and cultural attractions, museums, monuments or the fascinating nature of forests, green hills and the scenery of the Bosporus. 

But The city also has all the luxuries of modern life and its requirements and is spreading buildings and modern facilities, and this city is going step by step with the wheel of global development which makes it today at the forefront of Turkish cities in terms of modernity, tourism, trade and economy alike.

On the other hand, not all tourists coming to the city of Istanbul are interested only historical and natural landmarks, where a large number of foreigners attend this city for several other reasons, including trade and investment, especially in the field of real estate in Turkey in general and Istanbul real estate in particular, and these are interested in the modern side of the city , that’s in addition to the tourists of Modern art lovers which is also an important element of tourism in Istanbul.

One of the most important of these modern landmarks is the Museum of Modern Art in Istanbul, one of the city's most important and most attractive museums for tourists from all over the world

About the Museum of Modern Art:

The museum was founded and opened in 1987 by the Turkish government, a museum that includes all the works of art for the most important Turkish artists of contemporary art, and it has been built on a land area of approximately 8000 square meters.

The year 2003 is the real time for the opening of the Museum of Modern Art in Istanbul more broadly and since that time its name has spread world-wide, after several modifications made at the time, to become one of the most important contemporary art museums in Turkey and the world as this museum competes with the most important similar museums in different cities of the world

The Museum of Modern Art is today a world-class attraction for fans of modern art in all fields, because whatever their interests, the Museum of Modern Art in Istanbul must have exactly what they are looking for.

The location of the Museum of Modern Art in Istanbul and how to get there

Located in Beyoglu district, the Museum of Modern Art is directly overlooking the waters of the Bosporus, which increases its charm and splendor.

It is close to the old city center where there is the historical Taksim Square and the famous Istiklal Street.

It can be reached by bus from Taksim Station or Besiktas. It can also be reached by metro from Taksim and then take the tramway and get off at Tophane Station.

The museum is open every day except Monday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

And to 10 pm on Thursday.

Sections of the museum and activities that can be done within it:

The museum contains galleries where there are various exhibits of modern art, some of which show photographs and others show paintings or statues or other.

There is also a cinema hall with a variety of artistic and cultural performances. The place also includes a huge library containing various types of international and Turkish books that talk about Turkish and international art, all of which are of cultural importance and high educational value.

There is also a shop selling antiques and souvenirs related to the city of Istanbul and museum exhibits. The museum also has a restaurant overlooking the waters of the Strait directly and provides the museum’s visitors the opportunity to enjoy a delicious meal along with the scenery of the Bosporus after they finish their tour in the museum.

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