What are the most beautiful and the most attended of Istanbul beaches?

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

 Istanbul beaches
Istanbul beaches

Perhaps the city of Istanbul in Turkey has the most distinctive and fascinating geographical location, as it is located on the most important strait in the world, the Bosporus Strait, which connects the two continents of Europe and Asia,

This strait connects the Black Sea to the Sea of Marmara, which ends in the Aegean Sea at the Dardanelles strait.

This wide expanse on two different seas give the city an advantage and because of this, Istanbul beaches are considered of the most attractive beaches in Turkey for swimming, relaxing and spending time near the sea, 

And the most important of these beaches:

Bostanci Beach:

Located in the Asian side of Istanbul in Kadıköy area and consists of three separate beaches and is characterized by cleanliness and serenity of water and being family-friendly and the spread of restaurants and cafes, it is also surrounded by gardens and green areas, and is close to important tourist areas such as Baghdad Street, Museum of Games, Bostanci Luna Park and the liberty park.

Florya Beach:

Located to the west of European Istanbul in the tourist area of Florya, which is affiliated to the municipality of Bakirkoy, and is one of the most important points of attraction for tourists in the city, because of the beauty of the sea scene in front of it and the presence of services and facilities beside it, and of the most important tourist places that can be found near the Florya beach:  Aquarium Istanbul the largest aquarium in the region, in addition to a number of lounges, restaurants and gardens.

Kilyos Beach:

This beach is located on the Black Sea coast and is one of the most beautiful of Istanbul beaches, and is characterized by its golden sand and the charming azure color of the sea water.

In Kilyos many fun activities can be done, whether with family or friends, where you can walk on the walking paths, practice diving or have dinner on the beach in one of the restaurants that are spread beside the sea, in addition to that there are many places to stay near the beach like hotels and villas.

Solar Beach:

The largest of Istanbul beaches, it spans an area of 30,000 km and a coastline of 1 km on the Black Sea.

It is a beach with golden sand and pure water and is one of the most charming and beautiful beaches it is also featured with a great location where it is located near the famous Belgrade forests and close to the Bebek coast on the Bosporus.

The beach has bridges along the sea, children's playgrounds and DJ performances, as well as fashion shows which take place every once in a while. 

Istanbul beaches attract most of the visitors and tourists of locals and foreign in the city, and the nearby areas are considered the favorite places for foreigners who want to own a property or buy a house in Turkey, especially those who want to buy villas in Istanbul with a sea view, as Istanbul beaches and magnificent views on the sea are the most reasons that attracts foreigners to settle in it.

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